Sunday, October 18, 2009

Socks that Jingle,Jingle,Jingle....

Jana brought me this pattern after I had admired some little socks she had made for her daughter. She said the pattern she used was for an adult size, but she scaled down for her daughters smaller socks.

For Adult "Jinglers"
You will need :
a pair of adult size socks with a ribbed cuff
42 ...3/8" jingle bells
size 10 crochet cotton..the color of your choice
size #7 hook
Thread 21 bells onto the crochet thread.......

Using a slip knot, put hook through top edge of sock between 2 ribs. pull through a loop, yarn over and draw yarn through 2 loops on hook for beginning single crochet.

*Chain 4, pull one bell to top of chain and secure with a chain one. Chain 4, single crochet between 2 ribs 1/4" from previous single crochet; repeat from *all around.. Adjust the space as needed so that bells will fit , End the last repeat with with a slip stitch in top of beginning single crochet. Fasten off and repeat for the other sock.
I have some such socks, as it so happens I also have some jingle bells (my husband says I have a complete craft store in my craft area..I really don't ), I have some thread and crochet there we have another project. . Ohhh, how I wish for more hours in the day or the ability to move faster... :).

For smaller or childrens sizes... use less bells and smaller sized bells


  1. Sounds very cute and pretty. I wish I have as many stuff as I spring clean my working place and now I have to use a ladder and take my crafts each time I needed it. :( I gotta find a better and suitable place to store them. I am too busy right now to start anything and have stop blogging for the meantime.

  2. Oh would these be fun for Christmas! Gotta stay fresh! I did crocheted elf slippers last year, so these would be great fun for THIS year! ~tina

  3. Hi CC, I have no idea how I missed this post but let me tell ya, madame would love to do these!
    Also I wanted to let you know you won my give-a-way. Email me your addy and I'll get it in the mail to you.


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