Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blues,Blues,Blues .... Blue Monday

It's been awhile now since I've participated in Blue Monday festivities and I've really missed it. Tonight,I'm getting a faster start so as not to be late and miss all the goings on. There are always so many things to see, so many gorgeous blues..and so many sweet people participating in Blue Monday....and then there is the one who always comes to mind when I see a gorgeous blue, and that's our own sweet Sally. Our sweet hostess of blue, with that gorgeous smile and the twinkle shining from her eyes..she is a vision in blueness. Thank you Sally, for hosting us's always such a pleasure to participate here and I've missed it so. For everyone to see all the pretty blues, drop by
Smiling Sally and see all the pretty participants.

Isn't this pretty? I know back "back in the day" people used match holders..does anyone use them still? This one is just so pretty..
Ahhhh, these pretties. Aren't they gorgeous?? Now someone tell me..are they sake cups or egg cups?? No matter which they are, I wish they were mine.
Isn't this a pretty napkin holder...Does anyone still use them anymore??? I do so love these blues.
Again.... probably my favorite thing to search for in my treasure hunts in an antique store.. I love, love, love egg cups , and in my area, they are very hard to find. Perhaps,I just haven't stumbled into the right place yet.
Sweet..pretty canisters, Can one ever have too much sweet blues ???


  1. Love all the beautiful blue pretties... my favorite has to be the match holder... and the egg cups.. wish I could find them too.... thanks for sharing..have a great week


  2. Hello, CC,
    I love all of your blues today! I especially love the match holder. I know if I had one I would sure use it. Thank you for stopping by for a visit today. Blessings to you! Vicki

  3. You truly have some wonderful blues for today. Some people still use match and napkin holders but they do not look like this. I still like some of the holder version of things.

  4. OH, I'm jumping in my chair. You have so many blue willow pieces shown! A match holder and canister set! My regular dishes are blue willow and I've never, repeat, never seen these pieces! Oh, so beautiful, thanks for sharing, CC.

  5. Wow, CC! I love these blue pieces, but particuarly that match safe and the egg cups! SO very wonderful. Those are some blues that a magpie just might take a "shine" to so you better lock them up tight. ;-)

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. All of your blues today are beautiful! What a nice collection of great finds.

  7. Oh! These are lovely collection, reminds me of my Mom's!

    My first BM entry

  8. I still use napkin holders, although I don't have one as pretty as this one. I l❤ve these pieces you've found, CC. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. What a thrill to have to many matching blue willow pieces to use and display! Stunning!!! Enjoy your BLUE MONDAY and be sure to come visit when you have a minute!

  10. Happy Blue Monday, CC! All those blues are so pretty! I love the little egg cups and the napkin holder. The match holder is lovely too and very unique. I still use a napkin holder myself. Have a wonderful day.


  11. wow those are pretty finds for the day...Mine is up too...

  12. Hi CC, you are the Queen of Blue and White china...I love all of your pieces....

    When I see the Xmas tree in your sidebar, it makes me nervous that Christmas will be here soon...
    Have a fun day. Baba

  13. I love all your bue and white pieces, CC! Very pretty...Christine

  14. Love the blues! Very pretty

  15. I really love the blue china photos you chose to share with us today. I think those are egg cups. They look a bit too large for saki. Folks who use wood stoves still keep match holders and I have seen, but no longer use, napkin holders. It's the quality that sets your items apart from those in common use. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  16. I cross my finger you get the cross stitch ready for Chritmas.

    Blue china - I have to show my one day, Love Maria Berg

  17. Hi, CC ... What a beautiful collection of blue and white pieces. It would be difficult to pick just one as my favorite, but I think it would have to be the match holder.

    Hope to see you next week, too!

  18. Hello CC, such pretty blues to share. I love all the blue china and pottery, but I do not have it in my home. A bit of it in the guest room. I have to be very inventive to find blue for Sally's event. I try hard though because I enjoy everyone's blues so much. Egg cups are not that easy to find. There are so many collectors.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. I love your lovely blue holder collection here, so pretty.

  20. I like the match holder too, I think that my mom had one of those.

  21. I love the egg cups. So very pretty!

    Thanks for taking time to comment on my "baby blues." These are the Baby Grands. The little blond guy belongs to our oldest son and looks just like he did. And the little olive skinned baby belongs to our youngest son, and he looked just like that at that age. So fun watching our boys raise their boys!!


  22. All of your blues are wonderful. I hope you can find them one day. 8~)
    Thanks for stopping by.
    ~Myrna lee

  23. Your blues are wonderful!! love the egg cups too and the match holder is very, very special. And beautiful!

  24. Very pretty blues you found.

    Becky K.

  25. What lovely blues you've found to share ... they remind me of things my mother loved and used in our home. Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs and for dropping by Small Reflections. I can hardly believe it, but I'm celebrating my 2nd Blogoversary there now ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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