Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farm Girls Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah...and School

Here we find our two sweet friends, Sunbonnet Sue and her friend Hannah coming home from school. Is that homework they have ??? their daily papers they did in school????
is it their letter and numbers they've been trying to hard to print??? party invitations???? who can tell??? Well, it doesn't matter, cause soon they will be home, outta their good clothes and into their play clothes. There's still enough time to see if the tadpoles are still in the creek, or are they froggies now???? And will mother let them have some?? Ooooooooo!!!! Smell that !!!!!!!!!!! Mother has been making some yeast donuts. Donuts and icy cold milk. Little tadpoles hafta wait for just a few minutes..:)...but the girls will hurry. Tadples grow up so fast, doncha know...:)

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  1. This pattern makes me think of Laura Ingalls for some reason. The bonnets, maybe. I just found a blog with a Sunbonnet Girls quilt pattern and thought of you, CC.

    I'm going to link to her embroidery patterns but wanted to make sure you had a link to the quilt pattern.


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