Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Button Earrings

Above and below is a photo of the button earrings I recently made. They look really cool in person and I apologize for the blurriness of the photo. Try as I might, I could not get it more clear..I will however, try again.Little earrings are easy and quick to make, using only a few supplies. Under the photos is a list of needed supplies and the "how to"..I didn't use as many rings and buttons as pattern called for..I just had to see if I could make them and yyyyayyyyyyy..I can.

Shirt Buttons, assorted sizes and will need 12
Fish Hook Ear pair
Jump Rings in colors to match ear wires...Size will need 6
Needle-nose pliars
For each earring, use needle-nose pliars to open jump rings. Slide two buttong onto each jump ring. Insert one jump ring through loop at bottom of ear wire.Close jump ring. In the same way, attach second jump ring to first; attach second jump ring to first; attach third jump ring to second...


  1. OMG, CC you do have so many buttons. Hey, that is a cool idea to use buttons for jewellery. You are always so full of ideas. I think I will look out for more buttons after Chinese New Will catch you another time, am going to buy food to stock up my fridge cause majority of shops/markets/malls will be closed during the two days of chinese new year.

  2. The earrings are wonderful! I think buttons make everything better---I don't make jewelry but those sure are sweet!

  3. You are so talented. This is a great idea to use up my supply of buttons...if I had your great talent.
    Keep up the great work and take care.

  4. I just bought a pretty jar at T.J. Maxx to put my buttons in. They have been in a box for lo these many years. Now I see another possibility for my buttons. Cute idea.


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