Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Thank You Note

A big thank you to Denise over at, for her featuring Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah. I think she's quite wonderful for taking the time to do all this, and I really appreciate it. Thank you again, Denise, for all your efforts to feature different patterns and blogs. On there now, are free patterns for Knitters Rulers and Bags, Quilters Tape Measure in a Tin Give-Away,Bath Bombs..and so much else, so hurry on over and see what they're up to at Leave a comment and say Sue and Hannah sent you..:)
Sue and Hannah are doing a happy dance because they get to have a visit to her blog and to see even more people. They love to visit everywhere..

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  1. No, no, CC! Thank YOU for making wonderful resources available to the online needle arts community!

    While my little blog ( focuses just on needlework, the CraftGossip network, as you kindly mentioned, includes blogs on a wide variety of craft topics - knitting, sewing, indiecrafts, edible crafts, glass arts, felting, crochet, on and on. Each blog has its own editor, and we're all tied together by the CraftGossip home page:

    Thank you so much for sharing your readers with us!



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