Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cross Stitch Ideas on Gingham

I've posted these gingham stitch patterns previously, however, I think I've managed to get them larger and more clear. I hope so, for these are such sweet patterns.
These designs are by the wonderful company, Coats and Clark, and are found on the hand out give-away free leaflet E-771. I'm not sure of the exact date as I can find none on the leaflet, but I'm guessing the 50's or 60's.


  1. I LOVE these nostalgic patterns, CC! Thank you so much for sharing. I just posted a link to your blog post. I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


  2. Thanks for reposting these, CC. I haven't done any more chicken scratch and now I'm in the mood to after seeing these designs.

  3. Hi Patty and denise..
    I love these old patterns and can't stand the thought of them being lost forever. All too many of our needlarts are being lost or not tried. It makes me so happy when someone enjoys them..thank you both.


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