Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vintage Things Thursday

This will be my first Vintage Things Thursday and I hope what I have chosen is acceptable. To see what all the vintager's are up the button to the right and see them all.
I collect many things..from thimbles, sewing items, fabric..:), I ever have fabric, to quilt patterns, small quilts, crochet patterns, chicken scratch patterns and aprons. Mostely aprons with chicken scratch or gingham stitch. They are my favorites...
The one below..a black and white gingham is a wonderful example of chicken scratch..and several of the stitches. There is the one stitch that almost appears solid..that's so inticate it's almost impossible to see how the stitcher did the stitch. I think it's quite lovely...

Next to follow is an older crochet book, "Quick Tricks in Crochet"...and if your mother, grandmother or auntie crocheted, she probably made at least one of the patterns in this book. This book and others like it, was among the books used in teaching me. The copyright date is 1950 by The Spool Cotton Company and is a first edition.It originally sold for 10 cents.

The patterns shown on the back..the little baskets, I have made many of these. I may make a few more and add lace to the towel set. The basket holds a washcloth.

The quilt book below is an Aunt Martha Quilting book, with so many pretty patterns. There is a really pretty fan pattern as well as a couple of pretty applique patterns.

The quilt book below is Quilt Book Collection 1, and there are 3 patterns in this one I love. One is a House on a Hill, another would be 2 different Sunbonnet Sues and one a Sam type that has Sam being tossed off his horse.

Below is Easy Quilts.. and again, this book has my favorite girl, Sunbonnet Sue. There are 2 different types of Sue and 2 Sams. I think these are really cute.

And lastly, is 15 Quilts for Todays Living. This has many lovely patterns with several being applique.

I think part of the fun in collecting patterns for me is..looking for them. I have found old pattens and vintage fabric in some really unusual places. Most times I haven't a clue what to do with it..I just have to have it for my own. (My husband looks and just kinda sighs...:) )