Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blue Monday and Day 2 of Blogtoberfest

Tiny leaves on this simple, but I love it. I have one in just a slightly larger size and haven't a clue what they are. At first, I thought they were little tea cups..upon closer looking however, this was not the case. They each have a hole in the bottom..just in the middle of the "cup". If anyone knows what they are, will you please let me know. I would love to know their real purpose..for me, their intended purpose is.....containers for pincushions. Yes..more pincushions. I can never have too many .. :)

This is in my collection of tins..and this particular one hold buttons and more buttons. I love little angel on side..
Happy Blue Monday to everyone and scamper on over to smilingsallys. I can't wait to see all the participants this Monday. Thanks so much Sally..for hosting this. It's such fun !!


  1. Love the leaves on this cup or whatever it is. I am so curious now that I hope someone can help you out with the answer as to why there is a whole in the bottom. I wonder if they are planters for little herb plants and they are missing their little plates on the bottom to catch the water...

  2. Isn't that an interesting little cup. I wonder whether it was like a little bell with a ribbon going through the hole and something attached to it and it hung someplace? hmmmm...I hope you do find out. It is very pretty.

    Thank you for sharing your Blue Monday.


  3. Oh, I wish I knew what that little container was for, it is just precious. I love your blue monday post.

  4. If it wasn't a bell, maybe it has a hole so that air gets in the bottom and you can keep fruit in it? But if it's that small, probably not.

  5. oh, CC, this is a wonderful Blue posting...I love the little cup...I don't know what it is unless they are planters....
    love, bj

  6. I wondered if the cup was upside down and it was really a lid? I don't think so. Curious.
    Kathy b

  7. Love your blues. And your pin cushion purse is adorable !
    Thanks for stopping by .

  8. Your little container is a mystery to me too. I love the care that you've put into your staging for your photographs.
    I love your handiwork too. I enjoy doing those things but don't do enough of them. Life is just too hectic. I plan on enjoying more of them when we are retired.

  9. I love the little bowl with the hole but I don't know what it is. Very cute though. Your button holder is so sweet. Nice post in blue.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  10. Thank you for visiting my post. I love yours too. And like everyone else so far, I am not sure what that little cup would be for with a hole in it like that. I am curious.

  11. What lovely blue treasures you have. I love the blue tin with the buttons. Very sweet. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment about my blue home office. Hope you have a wonderful week!!


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