Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunbonnet Sue Embroidered Quilt Blocks

This is my favorite pattern of all...little Sunbonnet Sue has brought countless hours of enjoyment to so many generations...I just love her.
The quilt blocks are to be embroidered, set together and quilted into a baby quilt. I'm not sure if it should be done redwork,bluework or greenwork.....most likely though, it will be done in soft, soft colors befitting a Sue. I know I shouldn't start yet another project, when there are many that need just a bit of finishing touches.....*sighs..., I don't think however, that I will be able to not begin this little quilt.
I will do a once a week posting on my progress..that way, I won't be able to pick up and put down the embroidery so often...I hope !!!! We shall see.... p.s. wish me luck


  1. Can you tell me where I might purchase the sunbonnets here on your blog. Thank you

  2. Where can I get your sunbonnet embroideries please?
    Thank you


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