Saturday, February 16, 2008

Old Fashioned Bottle Aprons

Another "back in the day" collectable was the bottle apron....everyone had them dressing their dish washing liquid bottles.
Even tho they are a thing of the past, I still like them. Not only do I collect them, and have a stack of them in various colors and fabrics,..I've made several myself. I first drew off my pattern from a vintage one, and made a few......
then came across a stack of patterns in a shop and bought the lot. This pattern and the instructions was in there..., showing an apron with a large pocket, a tiny hat and some small coasters.
I have several of this style. Some have tiny embroidered flowers, some have tiny cross stitch..and most all, have crocheted edging around outside and neck of apron..with crocheted chains for ties...


Draw the 1" grid, draw all the pattern pieces .........
1 piece for the apron; 1 piece for the pocket; two..4 1/2"circles for the hat ; and eight 3 1/2" circles for the coasters..*Note: no hems or seam allowences are called for
12 x 36 inches of fabric, double fold bias tape (1 package will make 2 sets ), 3" of 1/8" elastic, needle..thread and scissors
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Either turn under top of apron piece or add bias tape across top of pocket piece..just tp finish the top of the edge of fabric
Pin the pocket to fit at bottom of apron. Sew bias tape around apron, adding about 3" to go around neck of bottle.., and attaching pocket to apron.
Sew 7" of tape to each side of apron to tie around bottle...
Pin the two 4 1/2" circles together. Sew a circle 2" from the center. Place elastic between the circles, close to the stitching. Pull enough to fit around the top of a bottle and hand stitch the ends together. Sew another circle so the elastic is within the casing. Sew the bias tape around the edge of the two circles, sewing them together. Slip over top for a floppy hat...
Pin two 3 1/2" circles together so that there are 4 circles. Sew bias tape aropund each circle...


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