Friday, February 29, 2008

Crocheted Topper for Kitchen Towels Set

Rug Yarn in 70 yard skeins..
1 skein each of two colors of your choice
Size G aluminum crochet hook
kitchen terrycloth towel ..aprox. 16 x 24"
2 buttons..7/8" diaameter to match towels
Cut towel in half lengthwise, with each piece measuring approximately 16" wide x 12" long.

Work across cut end of one piece as follows:
With sharp point of scissors, make 41 holes evenly spaced across cut edge, approx. 3/8" from edge.
With right side facing, join first color with a sl st in first hole to your right.
Row 1:
Ch 1, sc in same hole as joining and in each remaining hole across... (41 sc )
Row 2:
Ch 1, turn; sc in each sc across
Row 3:
Repeat row 2
Row 4:
Ch 2, turn, dc in first sc and in each remaining sc across..41 dc. Note: Don't count ch-2 as a dc
Row 5:
Ch 2,turn; dc in first dc, *skip next dc, dc in next dc, repeat from * all across.. (21 dc )
Row 6:
Repeat row 5...( 11dc )
Row 7:
Repeat row 5..( 6 dc )
Row 8:
Ch 2, turn, dc in first dc and in each dc across...( 6 dc )...
Continue by working tab as follows:
Rows 9 through 15:
Repeat row 8,..7 times
Row 16:
Ch 2, turn, sk first dc, dc in each of next 3 dc, skip next dc, dc in last dc..( 4 dc )
Finish off ..then continue with edging as follows:
With right side facing, attach second color and work one row in sc evenly spaced around edge of crocheted top. Finish off, weave ends in. Sew button to center front, approx. 1 1/4" up from towel edge. Fold over tab and button through space between stitches at end of tab.
Second Towel:
Work same as for first towel..but reverse the colors used on first towel...


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