Monday, January 14, 2008

Pure Foods Cook Book

Review: * * * * * * *
This wonderful little book is so filled with recipes, hints and suggestions..of different ways of's absolutely ahead of its time. If you have a chance to buy this little book..I would suggest you look and then grab onto it for your own kitchen...
This cookbook was published 1907 by the N.K.Fairbanks Company, Chicago...
and notes "A collection of tested and economical recipes, emboyding the newest ideas in the preparation of pure, palatable and wholesome food; with many useful hints on food combinations and values".
The cook book is advertising Cottolene, "the perfect shortening..better than lard, better than butter"
"Cottolene can be substituted for butter with excellent results and for frying, it's better".
**** Note:
Since Cottolene is no longer available, I shall use regular vegetable shortening when trying out these recipes. Some of the best foods I have been priviledged to enjoy..have come from vintage family recipes..and recipes like these..from the older cookbooks....


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