Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crochet Treasures

Crochet Treasures
Star Treasure Book
The American Thread Company
Book No. 126
No copyright/publishing date I can find
I believe from early to mid 50's
Originally sold for 10 cents

Both these patterns are hot mats... the yellow one was made over a hot mat that you bought..this crochet piece covered that and was attached in back with crochet thread..(at least thats how the ones in our home was.
The hot mat next to it..was made in small circles and placed over bottle caps..sewn on at the back of bottle cap..and was then sewn to form a pattern. The ones I remember best were the ones made to resemble grapes...

This hot mat is made with popcorn stitches....was supposed to be raised enough to protect surfaces from hot platters..bowls, etc.

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