Friday, July 3, 2009

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam

Ahhhhh, it looks like little Sue and Sam have the same idea. They've picked some wildflowers for the pretty picnic tables. There is to be a big get together this night, for all the big guys have finished building a barn... and the ladies are all ready for a big supper. Of course little Sue,and Sam..May,Molly, Hannah, and Jenny will be there. There is so much food, of all kinds, and it all looks so wonderful cause all the mama's and grandma's can cook so good. And Jenny runs to tell Sue and Sam, there is to be a cake walk too.... and she is so excited..cause the little ones can walk for the cake also. Just think, she might win that great big pretty white fluffy coconut cake Mrs. Wilson made. Yummmmmm....
And !!!!! some of the big guys have brought their fiddles, and guitars......there will be much music and maybe dancing.
The little ones can't wait..they've hurried to put their flowers on the table..and of course, Mrs. Amos hugged and hugged them...and now they're off running and playing with the other little ones.
Would you like to join the party?????..Oooo, how I would love it...


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