Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is Cici's son Chuck and her long time boyfriend Viking

  I was finally able to find mom's password for her favorite blog. Cici has been in and out of the hospital for multiple ailments the last few months. She was a very tough lady and fought til the end, but we lost her on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 at 7:07pm from respiratory failure. She was on DNR, so no actions were taken to put her on life support as she wouldn't want that. She always talked about the ladies she shared patterns and ideas with here and was very proud of her blog and very proud of all of her friends here. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you that helped make my mom's life even fuller. Her normal email for this site is still open for now and will do my best to respond to all messages.

  thank you all so very much,

      Viking and Chuck

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Pinks and Happy 4th of July

 Hopefully,this post will stay on..and I can wish everyone a Happy Pink Saturday and a Happy 4th of July.
Tomorrow afternoon,my son is going to go through my puter and see if he can find what the problem is.
Meanwhile, love and hugs to everyone..and know that Sunbonnet Sue and all her friends ,including me...wish you much love and we send you many hugs. Be safe over the holiday..and enjoy the picnics and enjoy our great country's birthday.
Also....tomorrow is the day I will announce the winner of the first giveaway...and Tuesday,I will announce the winner of the calendar giveaway. Thank you all,so very much for your understanding and patience. I had not counted on the surprise of a fractured pelvis and ensueing back pain....I,however..with Sunbonnet Sue's help, will  get it all done. ...:)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Having a Problem Posting

I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong posting..I've had 3 posts eaten?????????, or gone to internet heaven..and now I find the text slashed through. I give...the biggedly bugs win..I'm leaving this post up take that you stupid bug in my text..

Vintage Things Thursday

My presentation this week will have to be very short.I wanted to participate this week..and, so very simply, I have tiny blue booties planter, a little bee and hive cup? a mug?..whichever it it,I just had to have it. It's summery,and sweet..and just perfect with that sweet little bee. Next are Superior Transfers #'s 141 and 213.
Happy Vintage Things Thursday everyone...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Click on Picture and All of Pattern Will Show

I've made the Sue and Sam as large as possible for redwork or hand embroidery. Part of the pattern is not showing...just click on the picture and the whole pattern will show. I will correct it tomorrow...

Sweet Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam with a Heart and Flowers for Redwork or Hand Embroidery

Here we have sweet,shy Sam offering flowers to his favorite friend,Sunbonnet Sue. He wishes he could tell her how much he likes her, but he is so shy. shhhh,don't tell hin,but our sweet girl Sue already knows...and she likes him too. So we leave our two shy little ones to go about and play and have lunch and play some more. They say hi to everybody..and great big hugs..

Monday, June 28, 2010

An American Sampler .... 1995 Quilt Pattern Calendar

This All American Sampler is in actuality a 1995 Quilt Pattern Calendar.When I found the calendar I had no idea what I was going to do with it,and still don't.
But I know there might be quilters out there that might like it, so I bought it.
and now it needs a home.So..if you're a quilter,or want to try your hand..I'm giving it away. In the back is a page of General Instructions, a Stitch Glossary,
Applique Instructions,.......and then begins the list of quilt patterns and their names...They are as follows:
January pattern is Spools
February pattern is Mosaic Jewels
March pattern is Tea Time
April pattern is Delft Tulips
May pattern is Country Lambs
June pattern is Nursery Nine Patch
July pattern is Star Spangled Chevrons
August pattern is Bucking Bronco
September pattern is Garden Glory
October pattern is Blackbird Village
November pattern is Victorian Strings
December pattern is Homestead Holiday
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I think my two favorites are Tea Time and Victorian Strings... I love those two, but I know I'll never make I want to pass it along to someone that will.
All you have to to is leave a comment from now till next Monday. Tuesday I will get my husband to draw a name...and post the winner. Each and ever comment will count as one chance and if you choose to follow or already a follower, just let me know and that's another two chances. I will also include a tiny surprise..maybe two. :)
hmmmmm, what can I add to the package???? hmmmmmm
I'm also gonna post this on the site I share with Do and Alice, that's and yes, the Sue part of the name is for our girl Sunbonnet Sue.. hehehehe..we all love that sweet girl and her cute outfits...
I will give them a chance to play along as well...
Hugs to everyone...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty In Pink Tea Sets .... Pink Saturday

It's that magical and wonderful time of the week again..the day Ms. Beverly rings that beautiful pink bell that's decorated with tulle,roses,ribbon, sweet crochet and lace...oh,it's such a beautiful bell and it just shimmers in pinkness. Each time a new pinkie joins the group, magic pink sprinkles are sent to someone, and the sweet faeries that pouf the magic pink sprinkles of love and happiness..they never know it was the pink sprinkles that helped them. But all the pinkies know, the more pink you have, the better it is. Lets all get out and about visiting all the pinkies we can. Just scamper on over to Beverly's place at...................
HowSweetTheSound and visit as many as you can.
My special sing out blog this week is one of the sweetest,most gentle and loving ladies..she's Debbie of IAmSimplyDebbie. And I did say sing out instead of shout out,because she is such a sweetie. If you haven't met need to. You really do,for she truly is a blessing to know. Thank you Debbie, for being the loving lady that you are. You always make me feel so special..and I thank you..
Something happened to the rest of the post I worked so hard went somewhere..who knows where. In any case, I an just showing some of the most beautiful little tea sets I've ever seen..and yes, of course I want them all.
They go from the very expensive all the way to verrrrrry inexpensive, but they're all pink and I love them. Hoe I wish they were mine........*sighs
Happy Pink Saturday to everyone..see you out visiting..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Superior Design #167 Transfer Designs for the Kitchen ... New Friend Friday

New Friend Fridays

 This is New Friend Friday, so welcome to my little pink blog ....This is #3 in a series of a Superior transfer design.....designed for tea towels, dish towels, pot holders, tablecloths....curtains..and it can even be done on sweet,pretty fingham as gingham stitch or chicken scratch. I hope you enjoy looking and perhaps using some of the patterns and or ideas from this site, or the sites I share with 2 dear friends. They were named in honor of Sunbonnet Sue ( we all love her ), one place is for redwork and regular embroidery patterns and all sorts of crafts..we're trying to add more crafts now. the other place is a recipe site with home cookin
 recipes from the three of us..and our family and friends... I am from Texas, Do is from England, and Alice is from Singapore...and we are the best of come visit and make yourself at home... they are...    and
Now, let's all go visiting and make new friends... see you out visiting..

Fannie Farmer Boiled Custard

To join in the fun of sharing Vintage Recipes, you just need to go to visit right here JoyOfDesserts . There will be so many great recipes..and you will have such fun..Let's go visiting..
Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook,1918
2 cups scalded milk
1/4 cup sugar
yolks 3 eggs
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Beat eggs slightly,add sugar and salt while adding gradually hot milk.
Cook in double boiler, continue stirring until mixture thickens and a coating is formed on the spoon, strain immediately; chill and flavor.
If cooked too long, the custard will curdle; should this happen, by using an egg beater it may be restored to a smooth consistency, but custard will not be as thick.
Eggs should be beaten slightly for custard, that it may be of smooth, thick consistency.
To prevent scum from forming,cover with a perforated tin.
When eggs are scarce, use yolks two eggs and one-half tablespoon cornstarch.