Thursday, October 9, 2008

Farm Girls Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah with Kitty ... Blogtoberfest Day 6

Our sweet farm girls..Sunbonnet Sue and her friend with little kitty kitty . The favorite toy of the moment seems to be a timeless one..a simple ball of string held on one end by two little hands..while being pounced repeatedly by four fiesty feets.. :)
Picture can be used as embroidery pattern or for coloring/tinting for blocks..
I just love little dresses and pouffy bonnets...


  1. Hi, CC - I love this style of Sue, too! I like the bonnets and dresses, and they're great for embellishing. In fact, the one you have listed as your favorite pattern is my favorite Sue pattern, too! I embroidered a quilt square with her on it, if you want to take a look:

    Sunbonnet Sue in a Garden

    I had heaps of fun doing her dress, the garden, and the bee!

    Thanks for this pattern - it would be fun to do something similar with it, too!

  2. Thank you Mary for visiting me..
    I would encourage everyone to go quickly and look at Mary's site.. just click on the Sunbonnet Sue in a Garden. Mary does the most beautiful work's simply just totally wonderful.I can't wait to see more of her work..she has inspired me to do better and better..

  3. Thanks, CC! You know, she was so much fun to work on! I'm so glad I found your site and more of these patterns. I've had readers ask where I got the design for my Sue in a garden, but I can't remember where I found the original pattern. As for the garden, I winged it!

    Now I'll be able to direct readers to you for the pattern!

    Thanks again!



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