Friday, September 19, 2008

Farm Girls Sunbonnet Sue #1

These sweet little ones...Sunbonnet Sue, Molly and Hannah seem to be having great fun..dancing about and playing. They are some of my favorite patterns..I love the little dresses and the pouffy bonnets. For myself, I've taken these patterns and drawn them off with a transfer pen..and transfered them onto pillowcases to embroidery. As soon as I gather up the courage, I want to try them in watercolor paints as these little ones need to be done in either the softest pastels or the prettiest feedsack fabric. I am the proud owner of some vintage fabric and soon...will begin some Sue's and her friends on something. Ideas abound..deciding is a different matter however.. for now, I remain content to embroidery.... I hope you enjoy these patterns...there will be several more to follow....


  1. Those are really cute! Can I ask which transfer pen you use? I was using a transfer pencil and then ironing on my design but the lines were never very fine. I've also taped the pattern and fabric to windown and traced it with a lead pencil. That works well but my arms get tired sometimes. :) I'd like to try a pen so suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  2. Hi Patty..
    The Iron-On Transfer Pencil I used was by Dritz..and I got mine at JoAnn's Fabrics. Am not totally pleased with it tends to break the lead..I had to sharpen a couple of times..which I believe was mostely my fault.The pencil does make wonderfully fine thin lines, much finer than a regular transfer..and my next trip out, I plan on getting more of them..I have many things to transfer.
    I too have tried the hold to the window and trace, and like arms soon turned to I hope this pencil works out for you.

  3. I think my transfer pencil is from Aunt Martha. I'll keep using it until it's gone but then I'll try the Dritz one. Thanks for letting me know about it! On one blog I read, there was a tip about putting a light under a clear casserole dish (rectangle shaped) and using it as a homemade light box. I would love to try that but don't have a flashlight or anything else that would fit under a dish.

  4. Oh, I wanted to let you know there's a McCall's Sunbonnet days of the week pattern for applique tea towels here I saw it and thought of you. I'm sure you have tons of patterns in your stash but here's another one to print out and use. :)

  5. Thanks so much Patty..I will check those sites out. I can never have too many Sues..:)

  6. hhhmmmmmmm..that light under the casserole might work. I never thought of that..Thanks a bunch for telling me..:)


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