Sunday, August 2, 2009

Todays Thrifted Treasures

Hi it's Thrifted Treasures Time, and this is my first time participating. I hope I've done everything correctly.
Our lovely hostess is Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and I can't wait to see what everyone is let's all go see. Join everyone there at Southern Hospitality. Let's go visit.....

My offering for today's Thrifty Things Monday is this little cup and saucer from a favorite thrift shop,..and is something I've shown previously.
The saying on the cup tells us all..."Just For Today Be Happy". Somehow, I find that very comforting.. for one day, I can do anything. Nothing is too big nor so tough, that I can't handle..just for one day.
The little cup..and saucer is so colorful and sweet and reminds me of a Mary Englebreit design. However, on the underside of little set is Andrews McMeel Publishing......Kansas City.
I picked the set up for the huge sum of $1.50 and home it came with me. It sits near me in my area, holding paperclips. It's happy, cheerful and makes me smile.


  1. Too cute! I think it is by ME--Andrews McMeel is her publisher I think.

  2. Love your cup and saucer! I think it is a Mary item.. the name on it is the people that produce her things I believe..

  3. How pretty and what a sweet saying :)

  4. It sure does look like a Mary Engelbreit design alright! Maybe it is somehow? Anyway, it's very cute and cheerful, too!

  5. That does look a lot like Mary Englebreit, so cheerful and sweet. Don't you love to find a good bargain? Hope you have a good week ahead. Vicki

  6. It is a nice message. We know that but somehow we still need to be reminded :-) Every morning, it would be nice to drink your coffee in the cup. Or hold your things and be on display on your desk too :-)


  7. Happy Day !
    LOve all your finds - You Go Girl !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. Oh, how adorable is that? And it does look very ME-ish! Love the saying too!

  9. That is just too cute! My MIL collects tea cup sets, and she would love the whimsical tone

  10. That is a sweet cup and saucer, with a message that is often easy to forget. Thanks for sharing.


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