Sunday, May 3, 2009

Strawberry Mouses to Embroidery or Woodburn

Whilst out, doing my thrifting thing..going through some of the older shops..etc., I came across this huge box of patterns. I leaned over to kinda look through..and to myself, went..dang!!. A good find. In the box there was some little girls baby clothes patterns, and some older dress patterns from the 40 and 50's. Annnnnddd, embroidery transfers still in packages, loose transfer patterns, partially hand drawn patterns....and on and on. The loose patterns were in folded papers, little file packets.. I don't how they came to be in that shop, I just knew they had to come home with me. These are two of the patterns.... little mouses with their prized strawberry... and the strawberry they're gong back to the patch to get.


  1. great works! i really like embroideries and the cool designs..what do you think about embroidery digitizing? More power!

  2. Hi Penny..I looked at the link in your comment..and wow!! I didn't know there was anyone out there doing embroidery patterns like this. It might be something to look into..

  3. What a great find you came upon! I'm doing some redwork right now, I love to embroider.

  4. Love the mice and strawberry. This one will be stitched for me. Pet mice in the house and all...


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