Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Sweet Things to Embroidery, or Woodburn..or to Paint

These little transfers are just plain sweet.....and can be added to anything you like. Click on the photo to enlarge the pattern, run a copy off..then take a transfer pencil and trace the design off the copy..and you're all ready to iron your transfer on.
*Note: I use a red Dritz Transfer Pencil to make my transfers. It works wonderfully well..and can be found at JOAnn's Fabrics and some craft stores.
These little patterns can be used for baby items, dishtowels, aprons and apron pockets..whatever you choose to use them on...
Happy embroidering !!!!
If your favorite thin is woodburning..of if you're a beginner..these are perfect for that craft as well.
Happy Woodburning..!!!


  1. These are all so wonderful, how to choose!

  2. I have done a lot of hand work in the past. Now my eyes will not let me. Neat patterns.

  3. Adorable transfers! Thanks!


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