Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Pinks and Happy 4th of July

 Hopefully,this post will stay on..and I can wish everyone a Happy Pink Saturday and a Happy 4th of July.
Tomorrow afternoon,my son is going to go through my puter and see if he can find what the problem is.
Meanwhile, love and hugs to everyone..and know that Sunbonnet Sue and all her friends ,including me...wish you much love and we send you many hugs. Be safe over the holiday..and enjoy the picnics and enjoy our great country's birthday.
Also....tomorrow is the day I will announce the winner of the first giveaway...and Tuesday,I will announce the winner of the calendar giveaway. Thank you all,so very much for your understanding and patience. I had not counted on the surprise of a fractured pelvis and ensueing back pain....I,however..with Sunbonnet Sue's help, will  get it all done. ...:)