Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.........
a day to honor our veterans............
a day to reflect and remember.........
to thank them..each of them,.......
for all they have done........
for all they have given........
from my heart......thank you !!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Pink Saturday Will Be Late

 I am so sorry to have to do this..I thought I could make it..get my Pink Saturday post and my giveaway posted ,,,,,,Alas, it's not going to happen today.
You see, I have a fractured bone in my pelvis..I've been taking it easy, not moving about very much and when I do move, I use the walker the Dr. said I needed to use. Yesterday, I had a Dr's appointment that I had to keep, and I had to park too far away.. I got out, got my walker.... I don't know what happened when i got out of my truck..but it hurt. anyway..slowly, using my walker..I started my walk to the office. Well,about halfway there.. I thought I was gonna scream. On a pain scale of 1 to 10...the pain was 720. Thankfully, someone else came by.. hurried indoors and told them I needed a wheelchair. Out came a wheelchair, an aide and the sweet lady that helped me. Ann..I shall forever thank you for coming to my assistance, I wouldn't have made it without you. The worst part is, the hurt is continuing on..*insert sighs and a scream here..
Last week, I was going on about the color pink.....and I think now,I know why we all love the color. Pink is  the color of a friend, the color of a hug. it's the universal color of love...and if sisters had a would be pink.
I had planned on quite a bit for today..including a giveaway...The giveaway will most certainly take place... and the drawing for the winner will be not next Sunday..but the Sunday after that. Everyone is welcome to participate..for 1 entry leave a comment, leave anoyther comment telling me you're already a follower or become a follower for another entry....and finally, take my button and post about the giveaway, leave another comment letting me know for another entry. I think yyou will like the giveaway prize...I hope so anyway... and since I'm having to go at it in such a strange manner..I will keep adding to the surprise.Starting today..and going till 2 Sunday's from now... all comments will go into the drawing pool...
 Congratulations sweet Beverly..on 2 years of collecting all us pinkies each week. I so love and admire you..I think you're the sweetest pinkie of us all....
 Now..I'm going to try and visit a few people....just a few at a time, I'll see how many I can visit. I do love visiting to see all the wonderful things...everything is prettier in Pink. To see all the on the Pink Doll on my right sidebar. It will take you straightaway to the Pink Party..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Superior #183 Sunbonnet Sue Redwork or Hand Embroidery Transfer .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's that magical time again..the day when we all take trips back in time.. this week I am visiting with Sunbonnet Sue, Suzanne is sharing her wedding dress and story with us..., so let's go see what everyone else is sharing.
Just click on ColoradoLady to go visit abd see what everyone is showing this week. See you out visiting.......
Here we have #3 in the little series of this set. Our girl Sue has apparently baked a cake, managed to get it out of the cake pan..and cooled, then frosted it all nice and pretty. Looks like her little puppy is bringing her something, so let's hope she doesn't trip over him. She looks quite maybe there is to be a small get together and she be serving refreshments. I she having a Vintage Things Thursday party?????? and are we to be offered these wonderful yummies?????
Happy Vintage Things to everyone... hope you're all having as much fun visiting
everyone as much as I am...hugs to everyone..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Roses and Magnolias for Pink Saturday

It's that magical day again...where everything changes to warm sweet shades of pink....there are many shades..from the palest the deepest rose, and they are all beautiful. Come join in the fun, post something pink and let Beverly know..and then scamper about visiting and admiring all the beautiful things you'll see. Click on HowSweetTheSound  to see a list of all the participants..Happy Pinks !!
All this was either scanned in..or photographed before my fall. I was thinking really hard about what I could do for Pink Saturday..and so the little Rosebud Faerie said to me... be still..and imagine being in the forest with me. We will run and laugh and play, and where you fell won't hurt....We'll look at bugs and beetles and ladybugs..we'll fly thru the forest on gossamer wings. We'll have tea parties with chipmunks and squirrels, the birds will make cupcakes and the elves will add the magic sprinkles. We'll fly to the tops of the trees,we'll play deep in the flower petals..we'll giggle and laugh. We'll sit on lilypads and watch tadpoles and baby fish, we'll play music on blades of grass and the dewdrops will sing. So close your eyes CC and imagine....magical clouds of wispy pink, dewdrops on rosebuds, a world thru rose colored glasses if you will for awhile...anything at all to bring you a smile.
Leave your rose colored glasses on for's nice for a change, don't you think????? Happy Pinks to you all......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trendy Blog Award

I am so honored to have been given this Trendy Blog award by Mama E at She is so sweet to have thought of me for this award, it makes me ever so happy.....and let me tell y'all..I needed something to pick up my spirits.
You see, yesterday morning..whilst hurrying like a mad woman, rushing here,there and everywhere, trying to be in 10 places at once....I took a major, and I mean major ungraceful swan dive onto the floor. The concrete floor didn't budge,and mine body bounced. I lay there for a minute,fearing to move and have any sort of pain to begin...however,I was at my store and I couldn't possible just lie there,sprawled out, flat on my face and front. Si I moved a finger..and thought...hmmmmmm, ok. And I moved another...still ok, and I thought I had escaped any injury. So I started to move to sit up and was instantly overpowered with brilliant light sparks and shots of pain. I don't think that before,I had realized that pain has a color. It's brilliant,streaks of light..all colors shooting before your eyes and I admit it..I whimpered................ and called for help..Ok, maybe more than whimpered.. maybe I whined and I might have said a choice word, tho I'm not sure. To make a long story a bit shorter...after 5 hours in the emergency room, x-rays and a CT scan. it was determined that I had a fractured rami bone left portion pelvis...and it smarts.A LOT !! Can y'all tell I need heaps of sympathy,and hugs, and great grief,somebody stop me from whining anymore. I hafta see an orthepedic (sp?) surgeon and hafta use either crutches or a walker for 4 to 6 weeks...*whines and snurffles again. So I'm gonna hug my award...and be happy that someone thought I might be trendy. ...........1.
Here’s how the award works:

To receive this award, promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.

Post about your award in your blog.
List your Top 10 Trendy Blogs.
Share with them.
Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button.
Tell them they need to give this award out to 10 as well.
Here are my Trendy Blog choices (in no particular order)

1. Susie @ 1st Floor Flats
2. Tina @ Beansie Babbles
3. Jeanne @ Backyard Neighbor
4. Alice @ Singaporemyhome
5. Sherry # AHappyValentine
6.LaVoice @ Thoughts from Meme's Corner
7. Ann @ Tin and Sparkle
8. Barbara @ Purple Goat Lady
9. Joey @ Antiquemajik
10 Barb @Dogmom Diva

Any Ideas On What To Do With These Wooden Dominoes .... Vintage Things Thursday

''''I so hope these are old enough to be considered vintage, cause I so want to participate in Yintage Things Thursday..and after that fall and fractured bone, I'm moving as little as possible and for the moment,doing only what has to be done. This is however, my very favorite day of the week. I love going around to all the sites and looking at the beautiful vintage things that are shared.......
So everyone..come join in the fun. If you've never participated, you're missing out on so much fun. Everyone is so sweet and we all share a love of most all things vintage. I think it's wonderful and I thank Suzanne for being such a sweet,gracious hostess each week. She's truly a lovely lady. To join in and participate all you have to do is click on Suzanne at ColoradoLady and sign in to the link. I promise will have so much fun,see so many beautiful things and meet so many sweet people. Hope to see you whilst out visiting..
Lookit !!!! Lookit !!!!! Look at what I found sitting at the thrift store, minding it's own business. This is a little set of wooden dominoes,in it's own little box with sliding lid...... Of course, you know I had to have it, tho I wasn't for sure exactly what kind of dominoes I had...they were turned upside down, and dominoes was stamped on the backs....Later, when I got home, first thing I did was open little box to see exactly what I had... and look !!!!
Apparently now,I own a domino farm... Complete with animals, a barn and a tractor. I think they're just cute as can be. I don't know the age of the little set, but the paper at the bottom of the set tells me it's a
Pier 1 Imports set..........  I haven't a clue as to what to do with the little dominos..Does anyone have an idea as to how they might be used ???? I surely would appreciate suggestions..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pantaloon Sunbonnet Sue # 4 .... Last of the Series

This is the last of the what I'm calling Pantaloon Sue's that I have found thus far in this box of patterns. I keep hoping and searching for more, as I really like these for redwork or just hand embroidery. I'm sure there would have been 7 in the little group.but never having seen this pattern..I can't be sure. I will just be happy with what I have found...and keep watching..maybe more will surface somewhere else. Sure hope you enjoy the little patterns and have in mind something you can use them for. I simply can't abide the old patterns being lost forever...
I had wondered if there was very many hand work embroiderier's and appliquers out there carrying on the old patterns. Rest assured, there are more of us than I thought....and we all love the vintage patterns,fabrics and manners of doing. I love being a part of a group carrying on such's like I'm still touching fingertips with all the wonderful women in my life,that have come before me....and perhaps I'm reaching a bit into the future, touching fingertips with the women in my life..that will come after me.. I hope the old ways of needle work will always be honored and preserved....and that the patterns we have can be shared by all. It makes me so happy to see younger girls learning embroidery,applique...crochet and such. We so need to pass the traditions somehow keep them alive. Perhaps I was born into the wrong time..sometimes I feel like I would have adapted more to the "back in the day" times,than now. I know I have glamorized that time and shouldn't have, for back then..a womans work was so hard and the hours just never ending..and yet,she found time somewhere, make beautiful treasures to brighten her home... to bring meaning and beauty into her life. Great grief, how I admire those I treasure their handwork..whether it be from the tatted edge of a a crocheted tablecloth.. They are truly treasures...and for each one I acquire, I wonder..who it was that made it..and how did it find it's way to a thrift store or antique shop. Each piece has a story....and ohhhh,how I would love to meet the sit and visit for awhile. I just know that..though our names would be would our stories, we would be forever bound together by our love for handwork of all kinds...that common thread that binds us all together..and tugs at out heart when we see a vintage piece for sale. We know instantly..that it's coming home with us...and again..we have touched fingertips with a long ago stitcher.....and we will keep the treasures safe..

And the Winner of the Wilton Cupcake Stand is.....................................................

Earlier today..was the drawing for the winner of the Wilton Cupcake Dessert Stand.....and so......I had everything prepared, so all mine husband had to do was pick a slip of paper outta the little basket. And..... so he did...............
And then, on this dark and dreary day..I took little slip of paper to my crafting area where ther was more light..and Ta Daaaaaaaaaa...Drumroll please................
the crowd goes silent in anticipation.........................................
a quiet hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drumroll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the winner is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our own lovely,beautiful,sweet,super talented,gracious and loving friend to everyone
did I say super talented???????????
Our winner is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Susie Jefferson
And as the crowd stands and cheers, I leave you all now to go and inform Susie.
Thank you to everyone that entered and played along. Thank you so much for letting me have so much fun. I enjoy each and every comment...and I can't wait to do another giveaway. Hugs to everyone....xxxxxx CC

Friday, May 14, 2010

Operation Hillstrand Or, Help GucciMama Get On the Time Bandit

a href=
This is so much fun. You see..Gucci Mama wants desperately to meet Jonathon Hillstrand of Time Bandit fame on Deadliest Catch. I would give up coffee,Pepsi and snacks for a year to see the Northwestern and get an autographed photo of Sig Hanson.
I wouldn't mind having one of Edgar either..*sighs and sighs again and again........... They are soooooooo hotttttttt !!!!!!
So///I offered to help get the news out on Operation Hillstrand..and she's going to help me with the Northwestern guys...hehehehehe *sighs again

Sunbonnet Sue Magnet from Joey, .Last Night of Cupcake Holder Giveaway

It's that pretty in pink time again..Fabulous Pink Saturday,starring our gorgeous hostess Beverly, and featuring so many pretty pink ladies. Everyone looks forward to this day of visiting, and sighing over all the pink wondermonts that are shown each week. Each week, I set a goal to try and visit more than I visited the week before...this week I'm all ready..I have a cold Pepsi and a snack, and I'm ready to go visiting. To see all the participants..just click on. our own sweet Beverly atHowSweetTheSound and let's all go visiting..
I would like to introduce you to the wonderful work of Joey of http://antiquemajik, The little Sunbonnet Sue magnet is only of of so many that she makes,she's interested in so many different things. I think it was 3 weeks ago that Joey posted little Sue for Pink Saturday.. A few had sent me messages telling me to go look at Joey's site and to see the sweet Sue there, and so off I went to see. And just squealed with happiness, cause Joey had made her so cute and sweet. I left a comment for Joey, telling her how sweet I thought she had made Sue, and before you could say Sunbonnet Sue three times, I had an email from Joey wanting my address, so Sue could come live with me. And that email has started a friendship...I sent an email back, asking if she would accept a gift from me as well...and so addresses were exchanged...And three vintage hankies found their way to Australia and little Sue found her way to Texas. But what has really come to mean so much,is having met someone who is so sweet and talented as she is. We've shared some past stories and some of what we're doing now..the things we like.. just
girl talk,and it's been so much fun. You just have to make time to go and visit her
site..I know you will like her sweet,bubbly upbeat spirit. She's a sweetie..
The little rose pendant I found online...and just fell in love with it. I'm not much of a jewelry person,but I just love this pretty piece. I would so love to have one of my very own someday..
Don't forget..tonight and in the morning will be the last times to comment before the name is drawn and the winner of the Wilton Cupcake Holder announced at noon Sunday. Good luck to everyone..I wish I had more than one to give away,...thank you to everyone for participating and commenting. You allow me to have so much fun with giveaways...I love reading each comment..they truly make my day all better...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Superior #183 Sunbonnet Sue's .... #2 in the Set

It's that vintage day of the week again..
* sighs..I almost forgot. Arghhhh..I'm getting too absent minded.
To see beautiful vintage, all you have to do is visit our lovely hostess Suzanne for a list of participants. Simply
click on ColoradoLady and let's get started. See you out visiting..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

YoYo Pillow with Tassels ... and Wilton Cupcake Holder Giveaway

It's Social Parade Time and Wednesday Link UP, Come join the fun!!!!
Smart and Trendy Moms

Just click on the pictures to enlarge..
This is again..from the stacks of pillow patterns.,there are some good ones. Do any of you remember smocking or your mother smocking aprons and pillows? Most of the time with beautiful ginghams..but sometimes, out would come that gorgeous velvet...and the grid would be drawn on the back..and the stitching would begin. However, as beautiful as the velvet pillows were, I am a gingham girl. I still am. Little makes me happier than a first glimpse of gingham in a thrift or antique shop..I immediately think..apron! apron!! and *sighs..even better if it has embroidery or chicken scratch worked on it. I am not ashamed to admit..I have been known to happy dance in a store. :).
Does anyone still do yoyo's?? I mean,besides me? It's a very soothing thing, to sit and cut circles form gorgeous fabrics..and sew those little circles. I have a small container filled, but..what was I thinking??? They are of different sizes. I have a grandaughter that may never sew anything else, but for awhile..that was her favorite thing to do. So we cut fabric and sewed. her favorites were always the shades of yellow.. if it was yellow, then Missy Taylor made the yoyo. *sighs.. my sweet girls are grown college, with little time for making yoyo's with a granny, I miss them, the way they were when they were little. I'm going to stop that before I bring myself to tears..
Don't forget..if you come by, be sure and leave a comment for the cupcake holder giveaway. I will draw the name this coming Sunday you still have plenty of time, so comment away. Hugs to everyone..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Superior Design #167 .... Kitchen Motifs to Embroidery, And a GiveAway

Tuesday Tag-Along
This is a vintage 40's transfer design, using regular embroidery and cross stitch for the fill in or the shading. I've tried to enlarge the back of the package so the instructions might be seen more clearly. I've had this little set of patterns for quite awhile fact, I don't seem to be able to remember for sure where I got them matter though. I just don't seem to be able to let old,vintage patterns fall by the wayside. I love vintage..really vintage anything, but linens, pillowcases,tablecloths and aprons with beautiful embroidery and trims are my weakness. And when it comes to vintage patterns,there are so few out there and I just can't seem to let them die for lack of people being able to see and enjoy them.
I'm not sure how many of this little series, I believe there is 10 transfers.. and they just belong on anything kitcheny. Is that even a word? Just think..on tea towels,linens to line those gorgeous old cabinets, aprons..pot holders..curtains..
whatever you can thing of,these would be cute.
I will post one of the little patterns..each Monday and Friday..till the little series is done. I so hope you enjoy them..
Just click on the pictures to enlarge ...and run off a copy. Using tracing paper and your trusty transfer pencil, trace little pattern off. Lay the red transfer pencil side,face down on your project and iron on. Then just embroidery and enjoy...
Be sure and leave a comment for an entry to the giveaway..become a follower for an added entry..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You Susie

 A very large thank you to Susie of 1st Floor Flats...yet again, she has come to my rescue. She rather quickly thought of something to make a giveaway a bit easier...rather than writing each name and number down in order to draw a winner, Susie quite simply waved her magic wand that I just know is filled with help everyone sprinkles, she waved that magic wand and gave each comment a number. maybe it's not really magic, but I think it may be. I can't believe how fast she made it was poof,poof and it was done. And if you stop to think how she made Sunbonnet Sue magically appear on my header and on my signature... I mean, I'm just sayin..there is a twinkle and sparkle in her pretty eyes...hmmmmmmmmm. You know, however she managed to get it done...I am just so grateful to her for all her help and I just love her dearly. Not only because she helps me, but because she is such a caring,gracious,lovely lady..and I am so deeply honored to call her friend. She is such a sweetie and I so hope, when you need a blog call on her. She is just absolutely the best to work with,and such a pleasure..and ever so much fun. She's a joy to know.. To find sweet Susie, her button is on my right sidebar....
Thank you again're simply the best..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty Pink Cupcake/Dessert Stand Giveaway

It's a special Pink day this week...we celebrate our Mothers,our Grandmothers and the important women in our lives. I have been blessed with loving,gentle but strong women in my life and I am thankful.
On this Pink Saturday..I hope we can all have pretty weather to enjoy not only Pink Saturday, but to celebrate Mothers Day. May you all be blessed and surrounded with everyone you love... Hugs from Texas and Happy Pinks.
To see all the participants, just click on Beverly's place and check the list.
HowSweetTheSound .
Now,let's all go visiting......
I think this is possibly one of the cutest,sweetest little dessert servers that I've seen. This particular one is made to hold 13 cupcakes..freshly baked and beautifully frosted for everyone to enjoy... and if you win, you have to share a cupcake with seems I don't take time to bake much anymore.
Why then,you may ask..does she have this little cupcake holder??? And that would be a most wonderful question.. I have it because I just couldn't leave it behind in the thrift store. I had managed a bit of time for myself this afternoon...leaped into my trusty truck...ok,I didn't leap..I just climbed in *sighs, and away I went.. to one of my favorite thrift shops. Of course,straight to the dishes I go,hoping for more Pyrex,
and after looking all over,was about to leave that section..when I saw the pretty little cupcake box. Being nosy,I picked it up..,determined what it was, and went...yessssssssss !!!!!! This is one of the cutest ways to display cupcakes ever.
A little three tiered cupcake stand. And as a's made by Wilton. I love their products..from their cake decorating books to candy molds and candy melts. They make fine quality things...I was very,very pleased..
Just as soon as I got home..I quick emailed Beverly to see if there was time for me to post a give-away for Pink Saturday...and being our beautiful Beverly..she said of course.
The give-away is open to everyone, wherever you are. I will draw a name and post the winner Sunday,May 16th. The usual thing....become a follower or let me know that you're already one..for 1 entry and leave a comment..1 entry.
Good luck to everyone...
And for all of us...I wish a safe, a lovely and a blessed Mothers Day. I will sit for awhile,remembering my mother and my grandmothers.....and send a thank you to heaven and to God, for blessing me and letting me be their little girl. I have always remembered their love,their teachings...and have tried to honor them.
How I loved I still love and miss them and still each day,think about them....I love you mama..I love you granny...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Superior #183 Sunbonnet Sue Hot Iron Transfer Designs .... Hand Embroidery or Redwork

It's that special vintage time again. Ohh,I do so love this event..and I so love visiting around and seeing all the vintage pretties that everyone shows.
Come join in the fun with the vintage ladies and our own lovely and gracious hostess,Suzanne. Just click on ColoradoLady and see all the sweet participants. I promise will have so much fun and meet so many wonderful people,you'll join in each week.
Thank you Suzanne,for gathering us together again to show our vintage pretties.
We love you and we appreciate you..
This will be the first in a little series of our girl, Sunbonnet Sue. We find her trying to take a tea break,from her chores around the house..She seems to be having a bit of trouble..seems little puppy wants some attention. She's having a hard time balancing the teapot and tea tray.whilst whistling her way along, so watch out little puppy else you'll have a tea cup on your head.
There are 6 little patterns to share...and insofar as I can determine,they are from the 50's.. I so hope that makes them vintage. Each Thursday,I will post another of the little series of patterns, till you have the whole collection.
This little embroidery packet was intended for hand embroidery on kitchen towels or linens.I think they would be equally as cute in redwork or bluework, as they would with the various colors.
It's made by Superior Hot Iron Transfer
Sunbonnet Girls Designs #183

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Note to Pink Saturday..

 I have been terribly mistaken about the beautiful crocheted piece. In was Charlotte that crocheted the beautiful doily... I'm not sure how I got mixed up..perhaps I'm running in too many directions and need to slow down..and maybe I just need to pay closer attention. :).
I'm sorry Charlotte...your crochet is beautifully done and I treasure it. This pretty piece will stay with me for always...Many hugs to you ..Happy Pinks.