Sunday, June 13, 2010

Superior Transfer Design #183 Sunbonnet Sue

This is # 5 in a series of 7 little transfers jam packed in with other stacks of patterns....and I believe 7 is all there was originally. The patterns had been cut apart..and were scattered throughout the stacks of patterns. I have all the ones pictured on the front of the I'm sure that all.
Our little Sue seems to be housecleaning and straightening up again. That girl sure keeps a tidy house.But I think when she whacked that birdhouse with the duster, little bird stopped singing and squawked a little bit at her. It was an accident though..Sue would never hurt anyone or anything..she's just so filled with love for everyone..specially her sweet friends...and tadpoles. Don't forget how she loves tadpoles.ummmmm,I do too.
 I hope you like little Sue and use her. I just can't stand the idea of wonderful old patterns being lost. I miss the needlework of the past..again,maybe I was born at the wrong time. We say our lives are busy and rushed now, I know I do...and I am. I have more than I can do and at times I want to say..enough, I've had enough.
But if I have enough wits about myself to pick up some handwork, whether ie be embroidery, crochet..applique...any kind of handwork, take a deep breath...and begin my stitching, I relax. It's like a magic tonic. The women that came before us knew this,but we have forgotten. See..think back. If we think a womans life is hard and fast paced now,...go back in time to their lives. Wood stoves, wash pots with fires built under them, water to be drawn, bread to be made, 3 meals a day yo prepare, food to cook and carry to the field, take care of the kids, sew their clothes, see to their upbringjng and schooling, making lye soap, jams and jellies, gardening, canning....and maybe all that with 3 or 4 kids playing in the yard,one baby just walking good and carrying a baby on her hip. And yet at night....she found time to cut tiny pieces of fabric, stitched them together in a manner that pleased her..and made a coverlet or quilt for her family. A quilt of such beauty and tiny stitches, we seek them out today and buy everyone we can find. They took precious pieces of linen, muslin, cloth they had woven with their own hands...and they stitched beautiful flowers,baskets...colonial girls with ruffled dresses, and made table runners,napkins, dresser scarves, and if they were lucky and somehow had velvet and satin..,they made crazy quilts with the most gorgeous stitches and appliques that can be imagined... So, when we think we're too rushed...take a bit of time to stitch something. Who knows, someday it may be a family treasure. And if it'd not...just think of the pleasure you had making it. You didn't need a pill to calm you down or relieve the stress, and you have something beautiful to hold and touch with pride. If you're a beginner, not to worry. You'll get better with every stitch, so don't give up.And, you'll have touched fingertips with the women of our past...and you'll have touched fingertips with the women of our future.
Make something beautiful and gentle for yourself. Hugggggs to everyone..


  1. Another tempting project. Cute!

  2. You are so right about handwork being a stress releiver. Last week I finished an embroidery project that I had been working on for a few weeks. Now I find that I'm looking for my embroidery a couple of times a day. Thanks for this adorable pattern. I'm definitely ready for a new project.

  3. I think that little bird saw the FEATHER duster and got the scare of his life!

    Any kind of needlework, from cross-stitching to knitting, is VERY relaxing for me. Our son's homeschool group also did knitting and crochet for a couple of years and it really relaxed the children, even the boys. The children were all asking that we do it "one more week".


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