Sunday, June 13, 2010

Such a Pretty Colonial Lady Transfer

 Tonight, I had an email from a lovely lady named Beth. She said she needed a bit of help and  we got it all worked out. What she had wanted to do..and she got it done verrrry well, was to scan in an older transfer pattern.  You all know how I love older patterns..but wait!!! This was even better. Not only was it an older pattern, was of a very sweet Colonial Girl. And she is pretty,pretty....pretty. I can't wait to see how Beth stitches her up. I think I might like her done in redwork on sweet muslin. A tablecloth???? Decreased in size and done on napkins.., Enlarged and appliqued with the addition of a bit of embroidery......
 Hope you go over to visit Beth...she's kinda new to the blogging world and wants to meet and make new friends.
You can find her at bellsanbeauscrafts . So scoot and skedaddle on over and visit. See that pretty Colonial Girl transfer..I know you're going to like the pattern and Beth.


  1. Hi CC i adore the little bat ! oh he is sooooo cute.
    Hugs, joey

  2. I love the idea of doing it in redwork on muslin! Be sure and post a photo of it.

  3. I popped over to see it, and saved her on my computer. She is beautiful and I'm planning on making something for my mom. She likes these kinds of beautiful ladies, and flowers too.


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