Friday, June 11, 2010

Roses, Roses, and More Pretty Roses .... Pink Saturday

It's that pretty time of the week again...Pink Saturday. I always look forward to this, ..I think it's a really special time to see so many beautiful things. I enjoy it all..from the sweet to the knock out gorgeous...if it's's an attitude and a state of mind...I like it.
The Pink attitude is a strange thing....just to some. I have 2 friends that just won't blog. So I've just given up trying to tell them how much fun it is, how many people you touch and how many touch you. Do from England will never blog,she's loves to quilt and when she talks about quilting and can hear the change in her voice. She loves it so much and is so good at it..,but no blogging for Do.
And just tonight,I was visiting at the store with another friend..she asked what I was doing and I said I was working on Pink Saturday..she gave me this look..*sighs..
I say to her again, you need to start a blog, come join in the fun...the problems seem to fade to the background, rest and relax some. You'll meet the sweetest,
kindest  people that you ever dreamed of..., and finally we came to "it".. The why she's shying away from doing anything like this..Very simple, she said she's scared.. She's scared that nobody will come to visit, that no one will comment..that she had no style of writing. I fear at that I paused..I hadn't realized that I needed a style. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy...and because I didn't know I couldn't do it.. I did it. And so much of that attitude,so much of the put myself out there..just so much of getting over shyness and actually leaving comments for others *gasp, and the roof didn't fall on me...So much of that has come from sweet Pink Ladies. You all have given me confidence and comments, you've given me hugs and comments when I've been just down or not feeling well..and now a sweetheart of a Pink Lady has given me this beautiful wonderful gift of roses on china..and the most wonderful gift of all, her friendship..
Happy Pink Saturday...and a specially sweet wish for Happy Pinks for our Ms. Beverly. Thank you for the beginning of Pink Saturday,for gathering us all together each week, for working so hard to keep it all going....and just for being. You're such a special Pink Lady Beverly...and you are so loved. Just think....Girl, you started a Pink Revolution...and we're all so happy that you did.
To join in Pink Saturday..follow the Pink brick road here and click on
Look at all those pretty pinkies !!!!!!!!!! Let's go visiting..and see how many we can each visit...
Hugs to everyone..and Happy Pink Saturday..
Is this not the most beautiful little set you've seen???????? It's all roses everywhere !!!!!!All I can do is to look and sigh...and admire again and again. I wish my pictures did better justice,for I truly believe this is the most gorgeous set I've ever seen......It was a gift from our own Pink Saturday girl.... Betty of She's Sew Pretty. I can't thank her enough for her caring,compassion and her thoughtfulness. She is truly a sweetheart of a lady.. and I thank her so much.
Betty..I will treasure it and my friendship with you..You're such a special sweet lady..thank you and Happy Pink roses to everyone. a visit to Betty, you will be so happy that you did..she's at She's Sew Sweet... be sure and leave her a big hug..


  1. All those roses and chocolate cake, too! Looks like ya won some gorgeous rose stuff, CC! Happy Pink Saturday....glad you could post the picturs....hope you are getting better. Happy Pink Saturday...Sue

  2. Exqusite pink flowers-love them. Happy PS

  3. How are you cutie? I hope well. I was under the weather with Vertigo and now I am getting back into the swing of things! Love the post. I stopped by Betty's blog. Very delightful. I have a package I need to send to you! I wish you a HPS and enjoy your weekend! Hugs Anne

  4. What a sweet post and yes now that I blog I can't imagine not ever doing it. I've met the most wonderful people and learned so much. Everyone is so generous with their friendship, talent and stories. You keep telling those friends how much they're missing out on! So glad you're here to share. Thanks for the lovely pinks and Happy PS!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday

    This is my first visit on you blog but I have to say that I already love it. So cute. I DO love the china from your last post. Absolutly my style.



  6. Hi CC! Wow!.. Now THIS is a package that can take your mind off your troubles, isn't it?!! LOVE these beautiful rose dishes!.. Hope you're feeling well, and enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  7. What a beautiful set!! Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Warmest, Brenda

  8. i love the card!!! hope your Saturday is lovely & pink!!!

  9. What a wonderful package you got!!! All those pretties are just awesome! Hoping to join you ladies at Pink Saturdays next week...right now I'm working on something...of course its pink!!! You all have won me over with the "pinkness" of it all. Have a great week...see ya next Saturday! Beth

  10. I am excited! I have been here once already but I added your button to my blog! I am not sure how but I had to share! I may be learning at last! LOL! Come check it out! HPS!Anne

  11. Stunning flowers and gorgeous china - who could ask for more! Have a very very Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Oh Muh Gosh! That's the cutest china!! Oh, I covet your pink giftie. ;-) Lucky you. What a blessing bloggers are.

    I understand your friends hesitation in blogging. It can be rough at times but it's worth it. Look...I met people like you. That makes it a happy experience!

  13. This is a great Pink Post !
    Have a good weekend !
    love ♥RINI♥

  14. Happy Pink Saturday, CC! Love your rose china! What a lovely gift to receive. I have the matching candle sticks and a tea bag holder. I hope to find a teapot in the same pattern some time. Thanks for sharing your lovelies and have a wonderful weekend.


  15. You are right they are just gorgeous. I lucked out today and bought an incomplete set of the prettiest dishes. I'll have photos tomorrow on my blog, but I soooo love yours.


  16. Ooh, what pretty rose dishes and a chocolate cake too! Such a sweet post, I really enjoyed reading it.


  17. CC you are one lucky lady as long as you stay on your feet. You have been blessed with nice packages. Tell your friend to go and blog. I did not have any of the qualifications she thinks you need to do it. I did not even know what a blog was. If I can do it, so can she. It has added a bright spot to my life. You have no trouble finding the right words either. Thank you for the nice award. It may take me awhile to comply with the rules.

  18. Hello dear CC. This post is all so true. Beverly talked me into blogging and I have had the most wonderful rewards from blogging. I certainly did not even begin to know what I would blog about and I am so thankful I said yes to blogging. It is a way of expressing myself that I had no idea I could accomplish. The reward is all the sweetest friends one could never find without blogging. I am blessed. The hard part is making so many friends I have a hard time keeping up with all of them on a daily basis. So I do my best but not one of my friends is forgotten for a minute. I visit when I can and hope and pray my blogging friends understand we have a very busy life. A life that I love and am blessed to have. If your friends say no to blogging there is nothing you can do. I am so happy you blog and we met. You are a blessing to me. Thank you for this well written meaningful post today.
    Love you, Jeanne

  19. Hi CC, what a wonderful gift you received from Betty, I will hop over there and say hi to her..that pattern is divine, love it!
    I can't imagine not blogging now that I have been doing it for a while..what sweet ladies I have met and consider friends...its such a caring community and once in a while theres a bad apple but we can just delete them, right. And the more you blog the easier it gets, we all get our own 'style' after a while I guess..I wish my sis would blog, she has a blog, i think its the same thing, her life is boring to her. I need to encorage her more, maybe blog about something she collects or something..
    Anyway happy P.S. my friend!

  20. It can be hard for some people to understand the joys blogging can bring. I love your tea items in the photos. HPS!

  21. What a great post, thank you for sharing! Happy Pink Saturday!! Esther XX

  22. Happy Pink Saturday, dear CC. I hope you are feeling better every day. You are a special light for all of us.

    And, thank you for your kind words. It makes my heart happy that you enjoy Pink Saturday. I am constantly amazed at what it has become.

    Girl, I love your new pretties. And, I love our sweet Betty, too.

  23. I love your description of blogging....especially the rewards!! Blogging buddies are the best. Visiting each blog is like opening a little gift!! Thanks for sharing "you" with us on your sweet blog....!

    Hope you had a wonderful Pink Sat...that Betty certainly sent you a wonderful present. Lucky YOU! Happy PS!! Dana

  24. I hope you are able to convince your friend to begin blogging. I'm sure it would be as wonderful an experience for her as it has been for the rest of us. I love your rosy post today. I hope you had a grand Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

  25. Oh pink dishes!! Ok Your friend just needs to post about pink and she is set ;) we all love pink and I don't have a style either and I write about really random things but it works! I really got going through Pink Saturday so she HAS to join in if she starts her blog. I really didn't think about how to get people to my blog but PS really helped!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  26. What a wonderful package to receive. Even the card is absolutely delightful. Enjoy this beautiful gift.


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