Monday, June 7, 2010

Pfaltzgraff Butter Dish ..... Does Anyone Know the Pattern Name?? Blue Monday

It's been such a long time since I've visited sweet Sally...and so whilst recuping,I now have a bit of time to relax and visit all the pretty Blue Monday places. I've missed Blue Monday and it's nice to participate once again..
Hugs to Sally for hosting this wonderful party..what great fun it is.. to join in the fun,just click on SmilingSally.
Come join in the fun..see all the beautiful blues.
I have a mystery pattern least a mystery to me. The maker of this sweet butter dish is on the back.. but there is no name or number. I have spent most of the morning searching.. and have come across two maybes. One is Aura Pink, the other is Juniper. The colors on those two patterns,(the ones I've found) seem kinda faded in color....the colors on mine are vivid and fresh..and yet the pictures I just took,..I don't think they show the colors well.
The top of the butter dish I a cream color with a banding of a dark yellowish/greenish mix going into a narrow band of brown..and the patterns carries over on the inside. The bottom has a band of blue. The colors sound a bit strange..
but somehow they work together. The bottom of the butter dish is marked with their
mark in a circle and a copyright circle to the right..under that is Pfaltzgraff
Copyright USA . That's all there number anywhere...
Sooooo, for all you collectors and thrifters out there, do you know what this pattern is??? I would love to know. I paid $1.50 for it, did I do good or bad? I kinda like it, I may keep and use it for myself..


  1. Yay love this butter dish. Happy Monday!

    Blue Jar

  2. For that low price, how could you miss? Sorry, but I don't recognize the pattern. Happy Blue Monday, CC; glad to "see" you again.

  3. I think it is beautiful. I know many people only have butter sticks on the table at holiday dinners, but that dish would meake a meal a special occasion.

  4. Great find! Pfaltzgraff has a pattern called Ocean Breeze (or Sea Breeze?) that looks something like that, but I've never seen the butter dish. Love the colors, though.
    Happy Blue Monday from Joy @ Joysweb!

  5. I don't know the name of the pattern, but I sure like the dish!

  6. I think modern convenience has replaced the butter dish. Just whip out that tub of margarine. It dosen't keep us from using a butter dish like yours for special occassions.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  7. I don't know much about the pattern, but I love the colors. I think it was a good buy!

  8. sorry, no help with the name of the pattern here but a great find at a wonderful price!

  9. Sorry I don't have any info but they are pretty...Christine

  10. Wish I could help but I don't have any info. either. They are pretty dishes.

  11. CC - to answer your question Bentley Boy is at every party...thinks they are all for him. He is mega spoiled. Thank you for thinking he is cute...we adore him.

  12. This is a perfect choice to share on Blue Monday. I hope you had a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. Good price... sorry, no clue about the pattern. It may be an older pattern. I believe most of their dinnerware is made in China now. ~Karen


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