Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Won Brambleberry Cottage Giveaway .... Vintage Things Thursday ...Time Travel Thursday

It's time for that great vintage party scoot over to....
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OOooooo, I'm so late getting my vintage post up. I was so trying to get it dane, but after standing and taking pictures,then cropping them...I was hurting and had to stop for a bit. I should have been working on this for awhile, because Liz did such a beautiful giveaway, and I was the luckiest woman in Texas when I won.
When the package was so heavy with gifts inside...and I'm so afraid I didn't do the justice. For in the big package,there were many smaller packages and boxes. It was like Christmas..and all I could do was sigh and squeal with happiness as I opened each one.
First,there was a tint box with lid that had been made from vintage materials, and inside that was moe prezzies...a tiny porcelain lady and 2 tiny glass knobs..Also inside were skeleton keys and an archetical piece,
And inside other packages was this sweet butterfly dish, vintage cigar labels,........... a beautiful picture made with gorgeous vintage buttons on a velvet background,set in a beautiful gorgeous vintage hat,
beautiful vintage pins and earrings..........and a tiny sweet vintage broom with a velvet top,......there was a beautiful blue wall pocket...and beads, more beads,tiny pearls..and beautiful pink beads,.........nexy, safe in their box was a set of beautiful serving pieces wrapped in their soft blue cases, next was wonderful tiny jello molds......... next came vintage sheet music...and last but not least..came 3 scrumptious Instructor magazines,
dated 1932 and 1933. On the back is such wonderful advertisements. I can't wait to sit and open..and slowly go through them.
 Liz..this was a most wonderful giveaway that you offered..and I'm so happy I won. In my heart and mind,I'm still happy dancing, but that stupid fracture won't let me happy dance for real.
 Also..everyone..have you seen Liz's new Linky Parties she's going to have up and going very soon???????
The buttons are on my right sidebar, please check it out. Liz is a most lovely,sweet lady and she so wants us to help get her parties off the ground,...and what could be more fun than the three she's starting.
There is...............
Ask The Yankee Monday..........; Tips and Tricks Tuesday...and Time Travel Thursday. I think they sound like great scoot over to :
TheBrambleberryCottage and join in the fun.
The link is up I will also like to Time Travel Thursday..Come join the fun at both places..


  1. You really hit the mega jackpot on this giveaway. I do not believe I have seen any as nice. A great surprise package for a nice stove up lady. My wish for you is to receive more blessings when you can jump up and shout. Take care.

  2. My oh my, what a fabulous assortment of thingies!! I'd be squealing too. Congrats on your prizewinning booty!

  3. Woohoo! congrats on the fun and cool win!!

  4. Oh my lots of photos. Thanks for the comment. Happy VT day. DE

  5. Wow girl you did hit the jacketpot. Love all those things you got. That giveaway would be a hard act to follow. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings

  6. Congratulations! It's a fabulous vintage prize.
    (By the way, I mentioned your great vintage cookbook in my post today, and followed your idea.)

  7. Ahh, what a wonderful little treasure trove of goodies! It must have been like a birthday or Christmas opening it all up!

  8. Congratulations - what a 'passel' of gifts! I'll visit Brambleberry cottage too.

  9. Oh my gosh! That's the mother lode! Wow!!! Wishing you many pleasant hours with all your goodies.

    Happy VTT,

  10. I love your goodies!! Congrats on the win!!! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. CC...what wonderful gifts!!! I would have just been beside myself for sure!!! Way to were really lucky! Loved the nice!! Have a great VTT!

  12. Many congrats! What an interesting assortment. The glass knobs really caught my eye.

  13. CC, I'm so glad your giveaway goodies make you want to "happy dance". Just make sure you're totally healed before you do it, OK?

    Thanks so much for your kind words...and for plugging my linky parties...and for joining in on one.

    I hope you have a most blessed weekend!

    Big hugs,
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  14. What a nice prize of vintage treasures! Congratulations on winning!

  15. Congrats on winning! What a wonderful misc. collection of vintage goodness!

  16. Congrats!
    I love that half doll!

  17. Hope you are feeling a bit better. I have an award waiting for you at this link:


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