Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homer Laughlin Small Bowl

I tried my best to show the little bowl enough to see it clearly. Yeasterday,I found this little bowl for 50 cents..and thought Homer laughlin..why not?? Can anyone tell me anything about it? I keep looking .. I know as plain as it is,it has to be very common..
 Little bowl is a kinda whitesh cream color..with 1 large and 1 teeny stripe at top and  small stripe about 1/2" down from that. I've shown the markings on back.. I'm quite sure it's a modern restaurant type dish and of no value....but for 50 cents, why not get it????
I don't know much about collecting dishes,but I know there are lots that do. All I know is I love Fiesta and Pyrex..but the name of Homer Laughlin and thrift shop is buy it CC ,buy it. :). And so I did.. I passed on a couple of things that I'm kicking myself now for not buying...maybe they will be there next time.
One thing was n early First Aid book...with all sorts of things,I beieve when I looked at copyright,it was in the 40's,.........and the other was an old doll book. Remember those smaller dolls back in the day???? This book has clothes patterns for them..and I should have gotten it. Arghhhhhhhhh


  1. Lucky finds and great price.

    Oh by the way, yes, that mouse pattern was one you posted. I love it! Thanks ;-)

  2. It is a newer restaurant HL dish ... looks like the pudding, small soup bowl.

    Have a beau-TEA-ful day!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. I would keep the little bowl and use it as you see fit. Any Homer Laughlin find is what everyone else is looking for. Most are found in antique stores. Coloradolady buys all she finds.


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