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1907 Pure Foods Cookbook .... Vintage Recipe Thursday

This will be my first time to participate in Vintage Recipe Thursdays. This 1907 is one of the oldest of my cookbooks..and the few things I've prepared the way the book tells me to, has actually been pretty good.
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This wonderful little book is so filled with recipes, hints and suggestions..of different ways of's absolutely ahead of its time. If you have a chance to buy this little book..I would suggest you look and then grab onto it for your own kitchen...
This cookbook was published 1907 by the N.K.Fairbanks Company, Chicago...
and notes "A collection of tested and economical recipes, emboyding the newest ideas in the preparation of pure, palatable and wholsome food; with many useful hints on food combinations and values".
The cook book is advertising Cottolene, "the perfect shortening..better than lard, better than butter"
"Cottolene can be substituted for butter with excellent results and for frying, it's better".
**** Note:
Since Cottolene is no longer available, I shall use regular vegetable shortening when trying out these recipes. Some of the best foods I have been priviledged to enjoy..have come from vintage family recipes..and recipes like these..from the older cookbooks....

**** Source: 1907 Pure Foods Cook Book
Pick over, trim, wash in five waters, drain, put into kettle with water that drips from them; cook slowly at first till juice is drawn out, then quickly till tender; drain and rinse if you dislike the strong flavor, chop, reheat, season with salt, pepper and butter; add cream if you like, or serve with lemon or vinegar. If for a course, serve with hard boiled eggs; or serve cold as a salad.

**** Source: 1907 Pure Foods Cook Book
Use fresh, tender, yellow or green beans. Remove strings and ends, cut in slanting slivers. Rinse with cold water. To one pint of beans, put into a stew-pan one level teaspoon butter, one-half level teaspoon salt, a dash of nutmeg and pepper; add beans, lifting them from the pan with only the water that clings to them; cover tightly and cook very, very slowly about one hour or until tender. Their own juice, with just heat enough to turn it into steam, will cook them; but, if cooked too fast and they begin to sizzle, add one or two tablespoons of water. Turn out when tender with no further seasoning.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful antique cook book. It was really interesting to see and read about. Happy VTT!

  2. I love vintage cook books and we often try the recipes from them. Thank you for sharing from your collection, you've inspired me to pull out a few of my favorites too. (c:

  3. WELCOME to Vintage Recipe Thursday, CC. It's great to have you join in. I'm so looking forward to all your vintage recipes.

    This is such a nice cookbook cover. The cookbook looks well-used -- a good sign that there must be great recipes inside.

    Thank you for sharing this post with all of us.

  4. I have some vintage cookbooks that I have kept. Since I do not cook much for myself anymore, they are waiting for someone else to enjoy. Yours are real treasures.

  5. I am going to look for this book... thank you for showing it!
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  6. I have some vintage/antique cookbooks that I haven't shown on my blog yet myself. I used to collect them -- I'm trying to pare my collections down so I haven't bought one in a while!

    Happy VTT!

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