Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You Susie

 A very large thank you to Susie of 1st Floor Flats...yet again, she has come to my rescue. She rather quickly thought of something to make a giveaway a bit easier...rather than writing each name and number down in order to draw a winner, Susie quite simply waved her magic wand that I just know is filled with help everyone sprinkles, she waved that magic wand and gave each comment a number. maybe it's not really magic, but I think it may be. I can't believe how fast she made it was poof,poof and it was done. And if you stop to think how she made Sunbonnet Sue magically appear on my header and on my signature... I mean, I'm just sayin..there is a twinkle and sparkle in her pretty eyes...hmmmmmmmmm. You know, however she managed to get it done...I am just so grateful to her for all her help and I just love her dearly. Not only because she helps me, but because she is such a caring,gracious,lovely lady..and I am so deeply honored to call her friend. She is such a sweetie and I so hope, when you need a blog call on her. She is just absolutely the best to work with,and such a pleasure..and ever so much fun. She's a joy to know.. To find sweet Susie, her button is on my right sidebar....
Thank you again're simply the best..

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  1. Hi CC, I want to see you do your "happy dance"! Your blog is so cute, your friend did a fabulous job, so nice she was able to work her "magic" for you. Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my "Pink Saturday" photo/beach memory jar. I had fun glittering all the shells and starfish pink, pink and more pink.


I do so enjoy each and every message that is left for me. They sorta make each day a "happy dance day", so please, make sure you leave a comment..Just a hi will make my day all better. :) xx