Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pantaloon Sunbonnet Sue # 4 .... Last of the Series

This is the last of the what I'm calling Pantaloon Sue's that I have found thus far in this box of patterns. I keep hoping and searching for more, as I really like these for redwork or just hand embroidery. I'm sure there would have been 7 in the little group.but never having seen this pattern..I can't be sure. I will just be happy with what I have found...and keep watching..maybe more will surface somewhere else. Sure hope you enjoy the little patterns and have in mind something you can use them for. I simply can't abide the old patterns being lost forever...
I had wondered if there was very many hand work embroiderier's and appliquers out there carrying on the old patterns. Rest assured, there are more of us than I thought....and we all love the vintage patterns,fabrics and manners of doing. I love being a part of a group carrying on such's like I'm still touching fingertips with all the wonderful women in my life,that have come before me....and perhaps I'm reaching a bit into the future, touching fingertips with the women in my life..that will come after me.. I hope the old ways of needle work will always be honored and preserved....and that the patterns we have can be shared by all. It makes me so happy to see younger girls learning embroidery,applique...crochet and such. We so need to pass the traditions somehow keep them alive. Perhaps I was born into the wrong time..sometimes I feel like I would have adapted more to the "back in the day" times,than now. I know I have glamorized that time and shouldn't have, for back then..a womans work was so hard and the hours just never ending..and yet,she found time somewhere, make beautiful treasures to brighten her home... to bring meaning and beauty into her life. Great grief, how I admire those I treasure their handwork..whether it be from the tatted edge of a a crocheted tablecloth.. They are truly treasures...and for each one I acquire, I wonder..who it was that made it..and how did it find it's way to a thrift store or antique shop. Each piece has a story....and ohhhh,how I would love to meet the sit and visit for awhile. I just know that..though our names would be would our stories, we would be forever bound together by our love for handwork of all kinds...that common thread that binds us all together..and tugs at out heart when we see a vintage piece for sale. We know instantly..that it's coming home with us...and again..we have touched fingertips with a long ago stitcher.....and we will keep the treasures safe..


  1. What a sweet post. I love the vintage linens, whether torn, stained or shabby. I like to take them an give them new life. So, I know how you feel. My Mom made so many things using these patterns and I remember them so well.

    It's wonderful that you are carrying on the tradition.


  2. She is soooo cute I just love her. And thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog through a google search I did for a spider web crochet pattern. Thank you so much for doing that! I have really enjoyed visiting other posts you've done also. Have a nice week. Twyla

  4. You are so right about having to purchase another stitchers work! And oh, if we could get the stories.
    Thanks for sharing your patterns, crafters freebies blogspot posted one of these patterns and gave you a shoutout!

  5. How adorable! I do love the older patterns.

  6. Hi CC!
    These are such fun.
    Thanks for sharing them and all the Sunbonnet Sues.
    Juno's Place
    Cards by Carol


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