Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunshine Award

Look at the beautiful award I received from ever so sweet and gracious Susie at First Floor Flats. I can't tell you how honored I an to call her friend,she is the sweetest,most generous lady anyone could ever have the pleasure of meeting. She designed my header..and then came back,tweaked everything...then made me my take it and email buttons. I just love her. I will pass this award on to more ladies this will take me a bit to see if they are accepting awards or if they are a tag free zone.
Thank you again sweet Susie,for this award. I love it..and I am honored.
And now....... I would like to pass this award on to....

1. Dawn of CandGDesigns
she's one of the sweetest bloggers out there..she designs and makes dolls.
She loves Raggedy Ann and Andy
2. Parsley of SeasonsofMyMind
another sweet lady...she's doing a postcard exchange and would like postcards from everywhere
3. Sue of SuKnitWitty
she's a Texas quilting sweetheart,loves quilting,and loves Sunbonnet Sue as I do..
4. LaVoice of ThoughtsFromMeme'sCorner
another Texas sweetheart,she always visits and leaves the sweetest comments. Go will love her pretty place..
5. Tina of Beansie Babbles
I just love Tina.
She's a crocheter of the finest sort,she visits often and leaves me the sweetest comments. I am honored to call her friend..
6. Anne of PhamilyBlog........
a Colorado sweetie..another lady that's so generous with her time.she visits often and always leaves the sweetest comments...
7. Alice of SingaporeMyHome
my sweet friend from Singapore. We have been friends across the many miles for a few years now. It's my honor and pleasure to call her friend.
There are so many more ladies who deserve this award...some are award free and tag free,so I will honor their wishes...but they still bring sunshine with each of their visits, and my visits to their beautiful blogs..


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful visit today. I hate that there are thiefs out there too, it's awful how someone can take things from others without question, or remorse.

    Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

    Have a wonderful week.


  2. Thank you so much my sweet blogging friend. You are a treasure to me.

  3. Congrats! sweetie ... you deserve this beautiful award ... makes one think SPRING!

    Happy spring.
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN, Hugs ~ Marydon

  4. I am truly flattered you feel I am worthy of this award. I try to put a little sunshine in someone's life each day. I could have used a lot of it the past weekend. I love your blog and the lady did a super job on your header. I have a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt and I think of your every time I put it on the bed. I will feature it just for you one day. Thanks so very much for the wonderful award. I very pleased to accept.

  5. I am honored to get an award from you! You are such a sweetheart! Tell me if I need to do anything as I am the clueless blogging one! LOL! Hugs to you!

    Congrats to all the other fine folks!

    CC you are awesome!

  6. Congrats on your award!

    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Thank you so much CC! This made my day! ((Big Hugs!)) ~tina

  8. Hi CC....Thank you so much for thinking of me for the Sunshine Award. I'm so pleased and will be happy to accept and will post SuKnitWitty sidebar. I'm assuming I should pass this on to 7 others. I will do that as well, altho it will be a few days. Thanks again....Sue

  9. Congratulations!

    And you SO deserve it too!

    The nice comments you leave on my blog always make me smile and are always appreciated.


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