Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam Buttons ..... Look What Came In The Mail

A couple of weeks ago, a very sweet lady named Ruby..(she's at
NeitherBrilliantNorBeautiful )emailed me and asked for my address. She said she had found something she knew I would love. Annnnnnnndddd,she said,they were Sunbonnet Sue buttons. At this news,I seemed to have lost it. You see,I love sweet Sue and anything concerning her, and I love,love,love buttons. So I kinda lost it.
*sighs.. You must remember,that I had never seen such a wonderful thing as a Sue button...and so..I admit it..I hopped and skipped around a bit, singing oh my!!! Sue buttons,sue buttons.
And so, off in an email,I sent this sweetheart of a lady, my address....annnnnnnnd..
Look,look,look at what came in the mail today. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Just look!!!!!!
It's little Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam..and sweet heart buttons. I have happy danced till I'm tired...I may not be able to happy dance for awhile,but I can smile and smile when I look at these sweet buttons..and will you just look at the beautiful cream lace she sent with them. In my mind,I'm happy dancing again.
Thank you Ruby..thank you,thank you..thank you. I love the buttons and the lace. What a sweet,lovely lady you are to think of me. *sighs..
my gosh, blogger friends are amazing..


  1. Those are SO CUTE! Yes, blogging friends are just the best!

  2. You are so lovable everyone wants to give you a special treat! Those buttons are mighty cute!

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I can see why you were doing the happy dance.

  4. I never saw Sue buttons before. They are so cute. I love them.

  5. Oh my gosh! Those Sunbonnet Sue and Sam buttons are so cute. What a fun and thoughtful gift :)

  6. I have not seen Sue buttons either. As a gal named Sue who sews and quilts, you know I collect Sue, too. So I'm always on the look out. Now I'm gonna have to search for those buttons. Thanks for showing them and the maker...JB International is pretty well all over. I tell you...blogger friends are so thoughtful...of course it takes one to know one!

  7. Oh, those are so cute! What a sweet blogging buddy!

  8. oh... who would've guess that there are sunbonnet sue & overall sam buttons!!! you were the perfect recipient of these -- and how sweet of someone to give them to you. (o: i just finished tatting a pink (and another that's blue & white variegated) 'colonial girl'... tho' i like to think of her as a sunbonnet sue (maybe a little dressed up for a ball or a night on the town). i hope to post a picture on my tatting blog soon. the world just can't have enough sunbonnet sues, right?! thanks for sharing. (o:


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