Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Projects from Do... Pillow and Quilt

Just when I think my sweet friend Do, from England, has slowed down a bit.... I get these lovely pictures. I must say I was just speechless for a bit..(which for me is amazing)..she had said she was just working slowly along on a couple of projects. And here they are,rather quickly.
The first is a cushion/pillow..and is made with suede. She has made her husband the most gorgeous quilt with the suede,and this is the leftover pieces,made into a pillow. The a smaller quilt, a napping quilt,made not to cover the while bed, rather to just cover the napper.I love it..the choice of fabric,the color selection..she has such an eye for it. And she can also make the decision as to color,fabric..pattern..and let's get to it. I,on the other not decisive. I stress over the selection of colors..and fabric. The pattern is usually a given, I like Sunbonnet Sue,Log Cabin and Rail Fence it will be one of those for a block. Ahhhhhh, you should hear the conversations we have each day whilst chatting.The end result is, CC..choose some fabric,make a block..and then just lay that block down and walk away. Choose more fabric and make another.. (This is always when I'm trying to decide what 12 completed Sunbonnet Sue blocks will look like laid out together). She says when I've finished the 12 blocks,they will work wonderfully well....I am scared that a couple of blocks will glare out at me,completely out of place on that quilt. About that time...she says arrrrghhhhhhh, will you just get busy, and make Sue some little dresses.
You know, I may have discovered the reason for not being able to settle on choices of fabric..etc. I believe I am quite simply a fabric and pattern addict and collector. Is there like a group counseling for that??? Tuesday, I bought more fabrics,pretty trims and tiny buttons...all for a Sue quilt,pillow..needlecase....
The fabric was just too pretty to leave and not have some for myself, so I bought more.*sighs.. I don't need lace, I have enough lace,of all sizes,shapes..colors, beaded,non beaded..I will never need to buy more lace..if I live to be a hundred and seventy five, I will not need more lace. Did I mention I have a lot?? heehee.
What I need is motivation.Maybe recharged..energized, maybe some vitamins..anything to get my crafting mode started again.. *sighs again... I have digressed and carried on long enough. Now I need to get back to work..I just wanted everyone to see more of Do's beautiful work.


  1. When you get back in the groove and right frame of mind, you can create things just like these. Her work is excellent and so pretty.

  2. Oh thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog! that quilt is gorgeous!

  3. I can't believe she made a quilt OR pillow out of suede, I worry about stitching canvas, pretty stuff!

  4. Very pretty quilt and pillow.


  5. Hello CC,

    Love the quilt in the sofa and the color combo. I don't know how to quilt but I can understand the "choosing a color combination" part :-) I feel like I get overwhelmed but the array of colors available or maybe my mind is just busy working on plenty of color combos that I end up not knowing what to choose at all LOL But I guess, your friend is right. We need to step back and just lay things out and then it will come. Make things a little simpler, I hope :-)


  6. beautiful wormanship. My mom made all of us boys learn how to quilkt. I think it was just so we would appreciate how much work went into the quilts she made for us, because once she was sure we knew how she wouldn't let our big clumsy fingers near her quilting.

    Any time I see a pieced quilt I think of the sore fingers I got learning how to do it.

  7. Hey CC

    Happy Friday!

    Wow, I'm always impressed with women who can sew to beat the band.

    Wishing you loads of creative thoughts!

    Thanks for visiting!


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