Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latest Project from Do ..... Little Bags

Are these not the most adorable little bags. I'm not sure when she found time to do these,since she's also doing another quilt,but I'm so happy she did. I think these are just the cuteest little bags ever..and these are her little patterns.
They're embroidered with the sweetest little animals..they're all lined, and she's added a cell phone pocket for the young ladies, for all we all know..ladies don't move without their cell phone. (You know,I think one grandaughter has hers actually attached to the side of her head.)
I just couldn't wait to show these.. they're just the sweetest.


  1. Those little bags are so sweet, thankyou for visiting my blog and I have also become a follower on your blog.

  2. Hi CC! These are really cute! I like the ones with the animals the best! ~tina

  3. Love the little bags. If you have time, drop by my blog today. Thanks again for your kindness.

  4. Too cute. I got a laugh about the cell phone attached to your granddaughter's head.

  5. Aww, how cute. It is very hard to find a good cell phone pocket, one that will allow you to hear the phone ringing.
    What did we ever do? No seatbelts, microwaves, etc. I like to think I didn't turn out that badwithout them!


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