Friday, January 30, 2009

Pink Saturday...Another Pretty Pink Day..:)

It's that favorite time of week again..when we skip merrily on our pink way to visit out most pink hostess and all the lovely pink ladies out there. So, let's all scamper on over to Beverly at
HOWSWEETTHESOUND and see all the beautiful pinks out there. Each week, I think they get prettier..
For mine Pink Saturday....Come on in..
To start, please sit and rest..the coffee is hot and the cupcakes are so good. There is a cakeplate yourself, I will get cream and sugar for our coffee.
I'm so happy you stopped by for a pinks this week are tiny ones..I hope you like them.

Little batutub awaiting fabric, ribbons and lace to be made into pincushion..
hopefully, lace and ribbon will hide the small flaws..

And lastely, little basket with pink flowers awaiting it's little pincushion..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peanut Brittle..Old-Fashioned Way

NOTE: Read recipe through before making the brittle....
Butter to grease a cooky sheet....
1 1/3 cups sugar
6 1/2 ounces spanish peanuts or cocktail peanuts
Before you start, butter the cooky sheet very thoroughly....
Cook the sugar in a frying pan, over low heat...until it has melted and turned a light brown. Stir in the peanuts, then pour onto the buttered cooky sheet.
Now immediately start stretching the candy by pressing it out with the backs of two spoons. Don't touch it with your hands as it will be very very hot!!!!!!
Keep this up, working quickly, until the brittle is no more than 1 peanut deep.
When the candy is completely cool, break it into pieces.
Keep in an airtight tin
Other Nut Brittles
Substitute whatever nuts you want for the peanuts in the peanut brittle above. Salted nuts makes the best brittles and cashews are particularly good for this purpose..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do's Latest Quilt ... Blue Monday

It's that time of week again..when we all gather to show off the beautiful blues we've seen or have in our own collections. Yayyyyyy, it's Blue Monday again..for the past 2 weeks, I've not been able to participate and I've really missed it.
So everyone, let's us all hop on over to Sally at SmilingSally...and visit all the blue participants. It's always so much fun, so let's go visit, but first, let's all thank our own Sweet Sally for hosting us all. She's a sweetie...

Below is the lastest quilt done by my friend from England. Do is an amazing lady and a wonderful quilter and is always ready to help a newer quilter along. I think this is one of her prettiest quilts..I just love the wonderful colors she selected and used.So many lovely shades of blues and purples..they're just beautiful and remind me of stained glass. With her permission, I show you her lovely quilt. Now, if I can only convince her to start a blog of her own.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pink Saturday

It's our wonderful Pink Saturday time again and many, many thanks to sweet Beverly for hosting us all. if you've never participated, join in the fun. Scamper on over to Beverly at howsweetthesound and sign up for the festivities.hmmmm she wonders..did I spell that right? :). Now, lets all get going to the pinksters to see what this weeks offerings are..Come on..let's go..
This is an ever so sweet Sue quilt pattern, albeit a small one. I love the little pouffie bonnet and the pantaloons.

I love this old transfer design. It can be used as a treansfer or as an applique pattern.. is not sure which I like better.. :). I hope this deeper shade of,'s red..I hope it works for our Pink Saturday.

Big Chickies ChickenScratch / Gingham Stitch

Little Chickies in Chickenscratch / Gingham Stitch

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Button Earrings

Above and below is a photo of the button earrings I recently made. They look really cool in person and I apologize for the blurriness of the photo. Try as I might, I could not get it more clear..I will however, try again.Little earrings are easy and quick to make, using only a few supplies. Under the photos is a list of needed supplies and the "how to"..I didn't use as many rings and buttons as pattern called for..I just had to see if I could make them and yyyyayyyyyyy..I can.

Shirt Buttons, assorted sizes and will need 12
Fish Hook Ear pair
Jump Rings in colors to match ear wires...Size will need 6
Needle-nose pliars
For each earring, use needle-nose pliars to open jump rings. Slide two buttong onto each jump ring. Insert one jump ring through loop at bottom of ear wire.Close jump ring. In the same way, attach second jump ring to first; attach second jump ring to first; attach third jump ring to second...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farm Girls Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah...and School

Here we find our two sweet friends, Sunbonnet Sue and her friend Hannah coming home from school. Is that homework they have ??? their daily papers they did in school????
is it their letter and numbers they've been trying to hard to print??? party invitations???? who can tell??? Well, it doesn't matter, cause soon they will be home, outta their good clothes and into their play clothes. There's still enough time to see if the tadpoles are still in the creek, or are they froggies now???? And will mother let them have some?? Ooooooooo!!!! Smell that !!!!!!!!!!! Mother has been making some yeast donuts. Donuts and icy cold milk. Little tadpoles hafta wait for just a few minutes..:)...but the girls will hurry. Tadples grow up so fast, doncha know...:)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Missed Pink Saturday

So sorry I missed Pink Saturday.. I just got back from an unplanned trip to my sons..and I missed the Pink Saturday fun. I shall however, go and visit about to see all the pinks..:)....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Apron..with Potholders .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's time fot Vintage Things Thursday...that time to see all the wonderful older things that we've collected. So comon' everyone..and head on over to
coloradolady for all the participants. Come and join the fun..

Source: A page from an older magazine..not sure of the age as this was a loose sheet in a box with other patterns I bought. They were all in a huge box..and I just had to have the old patterns. It is somewhat like the pink potholder apron..but I would really like to make one with this pattern to see how it comes out..
Choose fabrics of checkered gingham or pretty prints..(something pleasing to yourself), and cut 4 pieces according to the measurements shown.
Cut 2 pieces of terry cloth 9 x 18". These will line the pockets..they are actually potholders.
Make the pleats as shown, then pin 2 of the apron pieces together wrong side to wrong side, smoothing out and pinning close to edges. With the pocket lining in place between the two pieces of print, bind entire apron with pretty bias tape. Turn up pocket portion 8" and sew sides together. Now make the second side of apron.
Overlap apron pieces to within 2" of edges and stitch on a belt and strings. You do not sew the crossover portion at all, as the 2 parts of the apron must be free when you use them as potholders.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look What I Won..Thank You Sally

Look at the wonderful books I won from our own sweet Smiling Sally. Thank you Sally for drawing my name... Thank you ever so much for all these wonderous books.I just love them....
the first book is by Katie Brown..her ideas for cooking and decorating. It's a most wonderful book and I can't wait to actually sit down with enough time to slowly browse through. I used to watch her TV show and just loved it....

and these four wonderful Jane Porter books. I can't wait to read them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Favorite Place...... Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday again..time to show and tell with blues. All shades of blue and all kinds of pretties. Also,some of the sweetest,nicest people ever can be found here today, including our lovely Sally. So !!!, brought yourself on over to smilingsally and check out all the participants. Join us for even more fun..Come on and join in..:)

For my entries today..I give you my idea of almost the perfect place to be... The Kiamichi wilderness area of Oklahoma. I love this area...the Kiamichi mountains and this pretty Lake Sardis is one of the most beautiful areas in Oklahoma. Here, there is wildlife, rivers, creeks, lakes..hiking and fishing...everything can be found here and all surrounded by this beauty.

This is my someday home..back in the mountains, near rivers fed by cold springs....Someday, my log cabin home..

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Pink Potholder Apron for a Pink Saturday

It's that lovely time of week again..Pink Saturday..and such a lovely day it always is. Many hugs and thanks to Beverly for hosting us all...,
so lets all giddy up a go go on over to
howsweetthesound and check on all the participants.

This weeks offering for me is this pink apron. It's a combination apron and potholders on the two bottom side edges... and there are also some really deep pockets. I have a pattern that I will post this coming week for a potholder's not exactly like this one, but I think would be really cute all made up.
When out browsing thru some shops today, I was quite lucky. Not only did I find 6 more aprons..but also found another favorite... an egg cup. But that will be for next Saturday...

Have a lovely day everyone I shall remove to check out the other Pink Saturdayer's and to leave a comment. I really like getting those comments also..:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aprons...Now and Then .... Vintage Things Thursday

Hi everyone...It's time again for Vintage Things Thursday. I love these days, tho the past 2 times I haven't gotten to participate. It's ever so much fun to go thru my vintage things, looking for some good ideas for this special time.... and Yayyyy!! , I think I found some cute ones. So come on and join the fun..skedaddle on over to Suzanne at coloradolady to see all the participants..Let's go......:)

First, we have the now pattern for mini aprons. Aren't they just the cuteset??? I had to search awhile to find this sweet pattern...but finally success. Now, I'm busily trying to find mini prints to do sweet little aprons.

Now, we have a sweet pattern from 1977, of our girl Sunbonnet Sue..and her little outfit, complete with sweet apron. I've made a couple of these as wallhangings.

Next, is I think one of the cutest little mini aprons ever and it's a vintage one.I love everything about this little apron..I call them aprons belonging to Sunbonnet Sue.

This is an organdy like fabric with tiny ribbon trim, and ribbon ties..another vintage mini apron

This little cream/ecru color is a batiste fabric with tiny lace trims on hem and pockets..another vintage mini.

This longer white one is my second favorite. It's so white and's just sweet and I love it. Another vintage mini..

Last, we have a little bottle apron..I have a few in my collection of vintage ones..they're real cuties..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue ... & ... Overall Sam Appliques

These patterns were taken from an old newspaper apparently. I had ordered a old pattern book of Sue and this was in the book. There is newspaper print on the back of little patterns. I may do an applique on an apron pocket.
Just click on picture to enlarge....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunbonnet Tin Punch or Applique

Here we find our girl holding flowers..however in tin punch or applique, little hands could hold anything. I adapted this little pattern for my tin punch was my first in a long,long time, and I didn't do well. However, I don't quit easily..I will get more flashing and try again. Is anyone else out there interested in tin punch?? I am but a simple beginner again, trying to learn from older instruction books. But if tin punch doesn't work out...all won't be lost...I can always do my favorite girl in applique...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Look, Look What I Won ..... QQ (Eyes Looking :) ) .... Pink Saturday

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy....It's Pink Saturday and you gotta see what I got in the mail yesterday. It was fantastic and wonderful..but I'm jumping too far ahead...first things first..and that first thing would be our perfectly wonderful hostess Beverly over at How sweet the sound. So !!!!!, everyone, lets begin first by thanking Beverly for hosting us all, and then to invite everyone to join in the fun. Skip on over to Beverly to see all the other participants and to join us to show off your pinks. Come on..join us, it's such great fun...there's so many beautiful pinks out there...

For my Pink Saturday,I happily show what I was so lucky to win at Jan and Tom's Place. I was so excited when Jan told me to come look who won...and truth to tell, I was doing a happy dance, and who can blame me?????. Jan had given away the sweetest littl tin...., filled with sweet rose soaps...

Well,yesterday the package arrived. I gently opened the package..uummmm, well, ok..I tore the thing open,(or tried) and let me tell you, Jan had packaged it so as not to tear apart during shipping. :). I however, was not to be deterred. I gave up on the tape, and off I went in search of scissors. Finding them..(yayyyyyyyyyy), I finally got little package opened and went oh my gosh, how cool.For in little package was more than the tin..

There was this wonderful card, and a note fron Jan..don't you just love this note card??????
Next, was little tin, containing the sweetest rose soaps. You can't believe how good they smell, and I was instantly reminded of my grandmother..she always had the prettiest little sweet smelling soaps..and sachets. The dresser and chest drawers holding her hankies and her linens always smelled so good..

Aren't the little soaps pretty..and the tin is just beautiful.

The next surprize was..these little Christmas ornaments. They're tiny bears on rocking horses..and they're just the cutest. I know just where they will hang next Christmas....

The next surprize was this lovely tea... It's called Tea of Life and I can't wait to try it. I have a teacup with a tiny rose that will be just perfect...
Thank you Jan and Tom, for hosting this lovely give away. I love everything, and how sweet you are to tuck in extra special prezzies for me. big smiles...and hugs coming your way....
Happy Pink Saturday everyone..don't forget to skip on over to Beverly to join in the fun... and thank you again Jan and Tom..