Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gorgeous Blogger Award from Tina

Oooooo, I've been presented with a lovely award from Tina of BeansieBabbles. Thank you so much Tina, I just love it.
For the award, I am to tell 6 things about myself and to pass the award on to 6 more people. So here goes...

I was raised on a farm and still love "country, back in the day" life. I am just a barefoot,country girl at heart.
My favorite foods would have to be what I call simple,country food. I like bar-b-q ribs, fried catfish straight from the river, pinto beans with collard greens and hot buttered cornbread, the foods my mama always said made you feel like you had been hugged.... and I also love Chinese food..
I have 2 sons, 1 daughter in love, and 4 of the most amazing grandchildren..
I collect cookbooks..the older the better, aprons, vintage crochet patterns and books, patterns of crafts, vintage linens, Precious Moments, fabric, thimbles, hankies with crochet or tatting edges, and egg cups. Those are my major collecting things..
I love to craft, crochet, knit a bit and embroidery..and I also love to quilt, though I am certainly no expert.
I am a cancer survivor of over 15 years now and consider myself one of the most fortunate women. My doctors were and are still most amazing and I thank them each day of my life.

And pass the award on to 6 more bloggers..

1. To Suzanne @ Colorado Lady
2. LaVoice @ Thoughts from MeMe's Corner
3. Sally @ Smiling Sally
4. Alice @ Alicesg
5. Dawn @ CandG Designs
6. MarianEdwards Dream Weaver

Thank you again Tina..I just love my pretty new award


  1. Congratulations on this pretty award. This type of award--one with an assignment is the most interesting. I wonder what KIND of cancer you had.

    Thank you for honoring me.

  2. Hi CC! I finally got a breather and behold! My laptop is acting up, go figure....
    I'll pick my award up either tomorrow or Sunday.
    I'm impressed, you are an amazing survivor! I love a happy ending!

  3. Thank you CC. I will blog about it once I have decided to get back to blogging. Been trying to complete crocheting a little hat (my first attempt)

  4. Thanks for stopping by. ...finally managed to get my Saturday post up. I to was raised on a farm . We have quite a few things in common.
    Happy pink haunting

  5. Congrats CC you DESERVE it!!..and thank you for mine :)

  6. That was a fun read. Thank you for sharing!

    Phew! it took me a whole week to get back to you after you left this kind comment on my blog!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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