Friday, October 2, 2009

Farm Girls Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah .... Pink Saturday

Hi to everyone. It's that most wonderful of days again..our pinkest of pink days..Pink Saturday. Hosted by the sweet and lovely Beverly. Come along and we shall go visit everyone.
Click on howsweetthesound and follow the crowd to view all the pinkies.

And here we have the sweetest little ones..Sunbonnet Sue and her sweet friend Hannah. The girls have quite a day planned, for their mothers,along with more ladies, are gathering together to have a quilting bee. There is much excitement, for while the ladies are quilting and talking, the little ones can enjoy playing together.
Annnnnd, at lunch..well!!!!!!, can you believe all the wonderful food. Hannah's mother has brought macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, there is meatloaf, and smothered steak..mashed potatoes,candied sweet potatoes, green beans..and the list goes on.....and then..there is the dessert table. Sue's mother has made the 3 layer coconut cake she is famous for and Molly's mother has made a butter cake, which so happens to be Hannah's favorite.

But, for the girls go to play. They have all brought their baby dolls and there are scraps of fabric for the girls to make believe quilt along. They've decided all their babies need new clothes and tiny quilts, and their mothers have promised to make some..but first, must come the quilt.
I hope you like little Sue and the way she's dressed. She loves being dressed up with ribbons and lace..and this small Sue has another purpose. Her underskirt is also a needlecase/pinholder and her bonnet is a tiny pincushion.

Here we have little Farm Girl Hannah..coming to visit her dearest,bestest friend..Sunbonnet Sue. Ohhhhh, it's going to be so much fun....Little Hannah may become part of a quilt top..or perhaps a tiny pillow. Whatever is decided, she is happy with all her pink flowers.
CC is not so happy with the photo of Hannah, but it was the best one. Hannah apologizes for CC..*giggle


  1. Hi there! I love Sunbonnet Sue! I actually have a precut quilt top set SOMEWHERE in my unorganized house to make a quilt! Thanks for stopping by my blog today too! I need to add you to my blog list and follow you too! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

  2. CC,
    I always enjoy seeing sweet Sunbonnet Sue and her friend, Hannah. The pin cushion is adorable!! I would love to join them for that yummy lunch, too! Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for stopping by for a visit the other day. Vicki

  3. they are so pretty happy pink saturday

  4. Good Morning CC! I LOVE this Sue, in purple and black!!.. and that she is a needlecase and pincushion too! I know I have a pattern SOMEWHERE to make one, but yours is ADORABLE!! ~tina

  5. I love your Sunbonnet Sue creations. The best. Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. So cute...I love the traditions behind these lovely sunbonnet gals.

  7. I've never met a Sunbonnet Sue I didn't just fall in love with! Yours are adorable!

    Thanks for sharing and be sure to come on over and enter my BLOGOVERSARY GIVEAWAY going on now! Everyone is welcome!!!


  8. How very clever! You've made me want to join them for lunch. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  9. Sweet sunbonnet Sue is so lovely. I still want to make a quilt with her but when.....
    Happy pink Saturday

  10. I love Sunbonnet babies so much. Happy P.S.!

  11. You are so talented. I wish I liked to work with my hands, but the best I can muster is on the keyboard. I learned embroidery as a child from the south, but was never good at it. I've never attempted quilting. I know I could never stitch attractively. Lots of lovely things here. Happy Pink (and rosy) Saturday.

  12. That tiny basket is so adorable! And, by the way, my favorite cake is coconut cake!

  13. You Sunbonnet Sue post are so cute. I always look forward to seeing what she is doing next.

  14. Lovely creativity ;--)
    Thanks for visiting and Happy Pink Saturday to you.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Hi CC,
    Love your little girls; so cute! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Pink Saturday. Enjoy your weekend.


  16. Love her black bonnet! Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Oh my gosh CC, those are so pretty. They acually come to life. Happy Pink Saturday and just have to say, I love the pin cushion too, Char

  18. How sweet! And a pincushion too, very clever.

    Thanks so much for snagging my blinkie, and Happy Pink Saturday (still trying to visit everyone - the computer is playing up AGAIN...I have to keep turning it off as it's overheating).

  19. Love Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah, great post for Pink Saturday. I am a few days late, but I am here.

  20. Ah, Sweet Sue and Hannah :) Love them! Boy, does that food sound good-ya'll put a hurtin' on it, I reckon?
    How clever that one of them is a needle holder/pin cushion!

  21. Your patterns below are really cool. I like how you have made your Sunbonnet babies multipurpose. Your description of her sounds delightful.
    I love coconut cake (in fact anything with coconut) and I am sure this one made by Sue's mother is yummy.
    Thank you for complimenting my soldered charms.


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