Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fantastic Sewing Secrets

White vinegar dabbed lightly to the crease of stubborn wrinkles will make the creases disappear
when pressed/ironed. Keep vinegar in a small spray bottle near your ironing board and things to be pressed.
Finally !!!! A way to keep your machine foot control in place.....glue a piece of gripper fabric to the bottom of the foot control. (Gripper fabric is the kind used on the bottoms of children's sleepwear.
If at all possible,have your ironing board next to your sewing table and sewing machine.... and if at all possible,have the ironing board the same height as the sewing table. When it's time to press....everything is right there.
When you're hand sewing, rub a fabric softener sheet over the whole length of thread to prevent knotting. Who knew ??? I have to try this..I've always used beeswax..
Have a light duty scrubber near your sewing....for use as a pincushion. It cleans and sharpens pins every time you use it.
When you're sewing snaps in the top half first. Then,rub a little chalk over the end tip. Press it aganist the other side of your sewing piece to mark where you should sew the bottom half.
If you have a hard time threading your needle, dip the end of thread into clear nail polish. It dries in just a second or two...and leaves the thread stiff for easier threading of your needle.
If your pinking shears are dull, cut through a doubled strip of aluminum foil several times. They will cut much easier.
When you're triming seams, lay your scissors flat as you cut.Your seams will be even because you cut through all the layers at once.
Keep a tape measure handy by taping a 6" length to your sewing machine.


  1. Wow, great tips. I put a piece of the stuff used to keep area rugs from slipping around under my machine's foot pedal.

  2. Those are a few I'd never heard of! Who knew about the vingar and nail polish!?

  3. Now those are some really great tips... I did not know about any of them.. I love the nail polish, and the drier sheet,,, I can't wait to try it.. when I hand quilt I am always getting knots,,,, drives me nuts...... thanks for sharing..



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