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Frontier Village .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's that wonderful day again..Vintage Things Thursday..yayyyyyy. I love this day and scampering about visiting all the blogs and seeing their treasures. What fun. If you are not participating and would like to, visit Suzanne at Coloradolady and Mr. Linky and join right in. Hope to see you there...and I hope, hope I have the correct info with the pictures. I've moved these pictures 3 times..and hope I have it right this go round..:).

The pictures were taken at the Frontier Restoration Village in Grayson County,Texas.
Loving all things vintage, this area I so enjoy. Sure would like to stop there when I could go in and take photos..that's for another day though..:)

See there on the porch..the wringer washing machine?
When I was a little girl, we owned one of these marvels..designed to make the housewives life easier... you ask does she remember something so ordinary???? ( I remember a lot of ordinary things...)...however, this one stands out to present day. Simply put...mothers everywhere were quick to warn children.. "Don't put your hand near the wringer part"!!!!!... That should have been enough. ** sighs , Now enter my self and an equally stupid cousin...well, she dared me..and I dared her..then it got to be double dog dare. I lost and as any country girl will tell you, only a hanging or a rattlesnake stands in the way of that...and so I was the first to stick my hand in... I was also the last. You could have heard me screaming 3 counties away..and Texas has some big counties. Our mothers came running from where they had been quilting and I was eventually rescued....
By the way, I never told on you still owe me !!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my favorite of the older houses in the village. They're all wonderful but the one with the walkway is a special one.

A very special house was this.....but for what reason the milk can is placed here escapes me..

I can almost see this houses lady standing in catch a little cool breeze

Another little log cab are all part of a wonderful little village.
Notice the walkway,,the division of the house...and notice the washtub and the old rocking chair..just waiting to be used.
The washtub would have had many uses....laundry, baths, garden gatherings..orchard pickings...and it would also have served as a childs place to rest, play and cool in the heat.
Our tub was not the round variety seen here...rather ours was oblong and quite large. In the summertime, my sister and I used this as the "family pool". The tub and a water hose was all we required in the hot Texas sun.....
ummmmmmmm.. well maybe also , either home made peach ice cream or watermelon...

I love this old house with the tall windows and little porch... I even remember the "Don't you slam that screen you come back here and shut that door right".....

Sun setting on the old cabin......again..
The old street lamps

Little lake
Reflections of a setting sun...a place to ponder..a time to sit and dream
Dusk The ongoing building restoration project. They were taken at the Frontier Village...some of the pics were taken thru the fence...and a couple I held camera over had closed for the day....
Maybe I am just a romantic....but having worked on my genealogy for the last seven or eight years....somehow these building mean a lot. A lot of ancestors were from this ..and the surrounding areas......I know they lived in houses like these..maybe that's why I love the old buildings so much...

Note the wagon wheel to the right......

This is one of the first dwellings in the county....look close and imagine living here...maybe I would have flowers around the front door, vegetable garden just to the right...the washpots would have been hung on the side of the house..and the big black kettle for building the fire and heating the water..that too would have been in my yard...............just imagine

I love this little church set back in the trees. Most times "back in the day" the schoolhouse and church shared the building... normally when a town was started, the first building put up after the dwellings, would have been the the church.. Can't you hear the old spirituals that would have come from this building?? Or the little ones being called by a hurry along and quit lagging???

I would have loved to live here...just imagine the wonderful dresses and the parties...
I've had many picnics at these stone tables when I lived in the area
Old stone water tower


  1. Nice trip down Memory Lane, CC. I was helping my mom with the laundry on the wringer washer. Yes, smashed my fingers. Remember a trip to the doctor for him to tell me nothing was broken and to not do that again.

  2. cool photos - I love all the houses!

  3. I loved going back in time with you. We had a wringer washing machine, too, and the outhouse.

  4. Thanks for taking me on a sentimental journey! Made me remember helping Grandma wash clothes in the wringer washer! Wash day was fun, with a hint of danger thrown in!

  5. When I moved to my current apartment about 15 years ago, there was a woman that had her own wringer washer in the laundry room! That was in addition to the coin operated washers that everyone else used.

  6. What a great post. I love old houses too, and dreaming of more simple times. I can just picture the vegetable gardens, the wood stacked up, flowers blooming by front doors and under window, rope swings from the trees...yep, I can just see it all.

    Loved this post....really nice and the pictures were fantastic.

    Happy VTT and have a great holiday weekend.

  7. what fabulous photos of delightful i love those log cabins!!..and that water tower's gorgeous too :)

  8. Nice post! I have my own painful memories of our wringer washer, of hot water buckets, and ants biting my bare toes when hanging the washed sheets on a line between the trees.

  9. Hmmm, I remember those wringers pinching my fingers-& I go back so far we had a wood burning copper & a hand operated wringer!

  10. wow.. this truly amazing.. to see these houses still stand.. awesome! Happy VTT thanks for sharing!

  11. As an engineer-type, I have to say that water tower is totally great! But I love the little church too.

    What is the frontier restoration village? Are these original buildings or were they moved there from other locations?

    Great washing machine story! lol.

  12. oh, simpler times, why did the Lord put me in THIS generation? I would have loved to live back then.Thanks for sharing!!! Have a blessed day, cher

  13. Thanks for the wonderful evocative walk down the paths of that little Texas village!

  14. the stone water tower is my favorite piece of architecture...something terribly romantic about old stone buildings!
    have a great day

  15. I absolutely love looking at old buildings and imagining what may have taken place within their walls. You gave us a glimpse to the past with these pictures.

    Apparently more than a few of us incurred the wrath of the wringer washing machine. I caught my hand in the rollers and the only thing that prevented my finger from being broken was a turquoise ring that got bent and beat up as the outcome. And to think that was the high tech washer of the day! LOL

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post today. :-) Sue

  16. Really beautiful pictures. I am so thankful for my air conditioner..ha. I would not have been a very nice person back then I am affraid.

  17. I love the sunset view of the lake and how the faint stream of light is flowing through the trees. It is very nice.

    And the stone water tower intrigues me :-)

  18. Oh ...what a beautiful post. I fell in love with each of the houses and your descriptions were so vivid and full of you :)
    I think I want to live in the tall window house. "Don't you slam that screen door!" I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era, I belonged there, then.

  19. thank you for taking me on a tour of this wonderful village.I really enjoy seeing those photos.
    Have a nice week.

  20. What charming pictures! I love the wringer washer story. My mother-in-law used hers right up until 5 years ago, when she passed away. She stil had her original one that was a wedding gift too. That one didn't work but she wouldn't throw it out .. sentimental value? I dunno, but I do remember how those wringers would squish fingers.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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