Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Horn of Plenty ...With All Good Things

Pretty Fall leaves
Gourd Squash...
An ..I don't have a clue what this one is..but I would love to know. Is it a seed pod ? Some kind of gourd?
A beautiful ear of Corn... I think. It looks all dried with wonderful colors..ready for the cornucopia or basket. I believe this one is also called..Indian Corn.
A beautiful eggplant. I think this eggplant's purple is royal and regal, just so beautiful
A clump ?../ grouping of grapes. A personal favorite, no matter if purple or that soft sweet green color, they are a favorite to munch on.
A pretty pear. So many varities, each prettier than the next. My favorite is the variety that is very hard, very,very crisp and sweet. Yummmmmm...
Acorn and walnuts. Love to watch little squirrels gathering the acorn, sitting so quietly, munching away, all the while so cautious, yet always flipping around those fluffy tails. Can you tell I think squirrels are sweet and cute? Walnuts, another favorite...however, I like black walnuts the very best. What I don't care for, is the stain on your hands during the gathering and shelling.
A gorgeous Red Delicious apple. The kind that show up when the weather is crisp and turning cold. This is my favorite apple..
A sweet basket for the fruits and veggies.... or.... just below
A Horn of Plenty../ Cornucopia. You will need to fit the two halves together. The pattern was on a large folded sheet of kinda heavy paper, and the only way I could scan was in two parts.
I'm not exactly sure what these patterns were intended for. There is one sheet of leaves of various kinds, and the rest were cut out, ready for use. What the use was..I don't know. I think they would be pretty embroidered ...or as an applique......or, to woodburn on something larger.
If I do some of the fruits and veggies, I think I will work with the basket. And !!!, I have some fabric on mind for that very basket.


  1. Thanks ! I think the one you don't know is wheat... at least it looks like it to me.

  2. Oooo, Thanks Cecile. I had no clue what it was.

  3. That is a hard one,CC, but I think Cecile is right. It's the outline that distracted me . Cecile certainly has a good eye !! Thanks for sharing the scans.


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