Friday, June 19, 2009

Look What I Won.!!!!! and Pink Saturday

Tis that lovely day filled with all things beautiful and pink, !! I so enjoy trying to get to each participant and see all the beautiful things that are shared. And, I so appreciate Beverly. She has so much to do keeping track of all of thank you again Beverly. You're a lovely lady to share so much of your time with us...
So for everyone that would like to participate in Pink Saturday..or just to scamper about looking at what all the ladies are sharing, head on over to Beverly at
How Sweet The Sound to see the list of ladies. Now, let's all go see the pretty pinks !!

My offering this week is a most wonderful giveaway that I won. I can't tell you how excited I was when Marian of Dream Weaver sent me a message telling me I had won. The pics she had shown
of the giveaway were so pretty..but when that large package arrived...I couldn't wait to open it. MY gosh, inside was three packages all wrapped in pattern tissue and tied with sweet blue and white. Needless to say, I started to open said packages. And inside was such lovely treasures.....
The first package held the little vintage basket..just look at the sweet roses and the soft shades on the vintage pinks. Little baskets handle and sides are woven with basket reeds and wonderful shades of colored cording. It's so sweet and I just love it.

And !!!!!..little basket is filled with so many treasures, can you see just a bit of what's inside?
the inside of the top of little basket is filled with treasures of it's own. There is wonderful thread in pretty colors..pins with pastel pearly tops, a tube? of vintage thread..a tape measure..and a sweet blue button..

Some of the treasures inside little basket... a tiny fabric hand,vintage buttons on their cards,three fat quarters of the prettiest fabric all tied with a sweet organdy ribbon, a Mystic Dreams sachet packet with a sweet old fashioned pic on front, a pretty belt buckle, a vintage zipper, a roll of lovely,lovely lace, three pretty,tiny crocheted roses,vintage seam binding..
and a tiny note booklet with a cute kitty..
Next....was this sweet apron.All trimmed in pink with pleats at the top,and the prettiest edging on the apron sides and the pocket top. Annnnnnd, a surprize in the pocket. Make that two surprizes in little pocket. Do you see what's peeking out???
It's this little guy.....safely arriving in Texas tucked in an apron pocket... ( please excuse the fuzzy pic of little bear. It was me..not the camera). By the by..little bears name is Oz.. :)
Surprize # two, was this sweet hankie tucked in the apron pocket. Isn't it pretty?
Next, was a tiny red and gold bag..all tied with a red ribbon...and inside was this....
these pretty,pretty buttons. I love the buttons..specially the flowers and little bears.
Next...came craft books...two of them. One a craft..the other needlework. Love them both.
Next..came this package of patterns for bags....aren't they pretty??? And Marian even sent the handles along with the patterns.

And last......was this sweet table runner/scarf. All done in browns and sweet peach's just lovely.
I thought everything was so sweet and so pretty. The apron I will save for my very best...and my vintage sewing things will be kept in little basket. I have looked at all the pretty things again..and again...I love them all. So thank you again Marian, you're a sweet lovely lady.


  1. what a lovely display CC..i'm ssoo glad your package arrived safely :)

  2. WooHooo! You hit the jackpot! Lovely stuff! Enjoy!

  3. My goodness!!! You hit the JACK POT with that win.

    Lovely, all of them.

  4. Oh I love the cute little basket. It is so pretty. Congratulations on all your winnings, it is your lucky day. Happy Pink Saturday CC. Happy Father's Day to your hubby. :)

  5. WOW! That was some bunch of lot!! Way to go girl.

    Love the old sewing basket and it full of goodies, and absolutely love and adore that apron.

    I'll be back to read to see where you got it and check it out.
    Barbara jean

  6. Yay! Congratulations! The basket is very pretty and hold lots of crafty/sewing materials. I'm sure lots of projects will be in line :-)

    ok, I can't see Oz clearly but I fluffy dolls are just adorable :-)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Thhhose are wonderful gifts. Happy pink Saturday

  8. What a treasure! Your photographs are lovely. I'll know you'll enjoy every item. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Aren't blog giveaways the best! I'm so jealous, but happy you won.

  10. Oh CC what a perfect Pink Sat. Lucky girl. I have a basket just like that, but mine is empty. " (
    You are the perfect recipient!
    Have a great "sewing weekend".
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  11. What a lovely gift - so many wonderful things, all perfect. Enjoy it! Happy Pink Saturday!th

  12. You are a lucky lady! And what a great prize and prizes within!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be back to look around again!

    Enjoy your day!

  13. What a wonderful giveaway that you won! Lucky you! Fantastic - Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Lovely pink blog post! Another Saturday, where I am taking in all of the pink and visiting some of the most lovely blogs in cyberspace. I need the pink this morning, it's all dark and raining outside. So thanks for the uplift☺

    Wishing you and those you l♥ve a weekend filled with sunshine, good food and many, tender memories.

  15. Wow! You hit paydirt, I love the vintage basket with all the do das. Happy ps!

  16. Congrats to you on your win! Nice!

  17. Wow! YOU discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Happy Pink Saturday!
    :-) Fuzzy Snails

  18. Wow - I love vintage sewing baskets! Especially my grama's! Pink Hugs to YOU!

  19. How sweet...what a way to really brighten someone's day...God blesses us in many ways. Happy PS.

  20. Congratulation on your fabulous win! How wonderful to have all the goodies inside!

    Love the post! So many admorable photos!

    Thanks for sharing!


  21. Congrats on your win and Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you!

  22. Happy Pink Sat, CC!! You DID make a haul on that wonderful win!! Thank you for sharing your terrific treasures!!! Dana


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