Sunday, June 28, 2009

Horn of Plenty ...With All Good Things

I think this pattern would be so sweet and way it's done...but my way would be to embroidery it on a dish towel. Wellll, maybe do a bit of woodburning on a little sign to hang.
I hope you enjoy it.... I will have more patterns coming soon..


  1. CC, Love your BLOG, and the little pattern is precious. Yes, it would make a wonderful embroidery pattern for a tea towel. I may do just that. Thank you for sharing. I loved the post below of the houses you visited. Very interesting. I have added my name to your Followers, as I would love to follow your BLOG. Please POP over and add your name to my Follower list, I would be so honored, and I hope you will find something there of interest. I am new to the Blogging world, but I so love country. Have a blessed day. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  2. It is so pretty and I am still not done any embroidery...(bangs head) I love all your patterns in here.

  3. CC, so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your Horn of Plenty is a great pattern. I always loved coloring them with my school kids at Thanksgiving. It you really make a great embroidery design with lots of colors.
    Take care.


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