Monday, June 1, 2009

Farm Girl Sunbonnet Sue and Hannah ... Going to a Picnic

Oh...look, look. Look at the picnic Mother has set up for us. There is my favorite..fried chicken. And potato salad and pea salad..and look, look...coconut cupcakes. May and Molly have to hurry and get here, I'm so hungry now.


  1. The girls are making me hungry too. Thanks for sharing! Ruby

  2. I love these little ones. Thry seem to have so much fun..

  3. I love the Sues and they are so fun to be with. CC, you should start a book for children. :) I like the way you describe your post. I cant write as well as you. Have a nice day, am going to catch a movie with little niece. :) It's the long one month school holiday here.

  4. It is such a simple drawing but those two little girls look so adorable with their bonnets and dresses. :-)Cute story too! :-)



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