Friday, May 1, 2009

Little Sweeties to Embroidery or Woodburn

Click on photos to enlarge....and run off a copy of your choice. Using a transfer pencil, trace the pattern onto tracing paper..and iron onto your're all set to embroidery.
For woodburning...the way I do is to use transfer paper..I have used carbon paper..lay that onto the wood piece, then the pattern over that. Make sure your pattern is stable and won't move. Trace the pattern..and the transfer paper will copy it onto the wood piece. I'm not a really great woodburning artist..I've only done the basics, but it's a hobby I enjoy. I also have colored pencils to highlight and color some bits and pieces of the piece I've woodburned. Then seal the wood..and it's all set to display.


  1. These are so cute!! Come by for a visit....look at Friday's won!

  2. Lovely patterns, CC. I will attempt to do it one day but right now am addicted to my Am running out of wool gotta go get new wools. :) Have a nice weekend, CC>


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