Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Cuties to Embroidery or to Woodburn

Again, these little patterns were in the bottom of the box of old patterns. As with the other patterns, click on to enlarge..copy and then with a transfer pencil,trace the pattern off. These are sweet little patterns and would look cute on most anything..


  1. OH I so love the sweet little animals. How generous of you to share them with us... I can't wait to star one... My Niece is having her first baby, and they would look great in a quilt.....


  2. Alaura..
    I think they would also be sweet on a baby quilt. I will hurry and look through the patterns I have ..maybe there are more. Will you embroidery or applique?
    Hugs back..

  3. Enjoyed your post, as I too love all old handwork.


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