Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dachshund Puppy


  1. Did you let Suzanne aka Colorado Lady know about this one?

  2. Hi Patty..
    I thought I did, however I may not have, so will leave her another message.I have 2 packets of dog iron on transfers from Aunt Martha that I will never use..maybe she or someone else can. Thet came in a big box of patterns and transfers..

  3. I don't know if Suzanne has started embroidering yet. I keep telling her to start and I know she is saving patterns. You could always do a giveaway for the patterns.

  4. Hi again Patty..
    A give-away would be fun...however I haven't a clue how to do it. I would also like to do an apron give-away..but I'm not sure how to begin..and then, would anyone participate? Help???

  5. I have yet to do one but this is how I would do a giveaway.

    I'd post about the giveaway on my blog and put up a picture of the
    prize(s) and announce that everyone who leaves comments on that particular post will be entered into the giveaway. I'd set a deadline (date & time) for leaving comments -- I would give everyone a week to enter and the cut off time would be midnight PST. I would also mention if the giveaway was open to US residents only or to people outside the US too, depending if I wanted to ship overseas. I'd remind them to leave an email address if they didn't have a blog so they could be contacted if they won.

    To pick a winner, I might write everyone's names on a slip of paper (if there weren't that many) and pick one out of hat. Or I might have someone I know pick a random number from the number of entries. Or I might use the random number generator like the one here

    I think people would participate if you did a apron giveaway -- I know I would. :) You could give everyone an additional entry if they link to your giveaway on their blog. If you give away embroidery transfers or an apron with needlework on it, we could ask Denise at Craft Gossip to link to your giveaway and maybe they would link to an apron giveaway on The Apronista blog. When you do a Pink Saturday or Vintage Thingies Thursday post, you could mention your giveaway and link to the original post about it. I'm sure that would bring in more entries.

    I hope this makes sense! Email me at if you want to talk about this more.


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