Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vintage Things Thursday..Quilt Blocks and Patterns


Once again, it's Vintage Thing Thursday..I really like this one. Most of the things I enjoy collecting are vintage. Whether it be crochet hankies, from cookbooks to chicken scratch aprons... from quilt books to quilt blocks to vintage fabric.....and so on. I offer these today and to see what everyone else is offering, click of the Vintage Things Thursday button on the sidebar at top...It will take you to Colorado Lady and the other VTT's. Come join in, you'll have fun.

This little booklet is just too cute.. I've made one of the spoon dolls and started another. Alas, it's as far as I've gotten with that one. I always find more and more things to do..I wish for more hours in the day..

The little Nine Patches above is the simolest of all the quilt patterns.. When I found these and the other quilt patterns to follow, they were in the bottom of a large basket in an antique shop. I was so happy when I found them, I was almost happy dancing. I couldn't believe..I kept dragging out plastic bag after plastic bag. I've never counted all the pieces of each quilt pattern already cut out.. but I can tell you, I was a happy woman. There is plastic bag after bag that's been packaged up. Some, a lot actually, of the fabric pieces are feed/flour sack fabric and some is calico.I love looking at all the tiny pieces and wonder..who was the woman that sat and cut these out? What was she like? Did she love fabric the same way I do??..I really think she did, otherwise she would never have taken the time to cut these tiny pieces..

This is Grandmothers Flower Garden..

This is a Dove At The Window block...

These pieces are for a Puff or Biscuit Quilt..

This is a Sailboat Patten and block...

These are Dove At The Window Block


  1. Very sweet vintage post today. Love those beautiful fabric. Oh yes, I like the wooden spoon crafts too. I have a post specially for you today. Sue Oriental is having a great time in Singapore.

  2. I loved reading your post coz you love all the things that i do too...i knew what you meant about almost doing the happy dance when you discovered all those quilt blocks & patterns lol :)

  3. You really have found a treasure there! I just love the nice handwriting too, and the fabrics are so beautiul.

  4. Wonderful vintage post...and what a find. I love all the quilt patterns and the blocks you found are great. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. I just love the spoon dolls pattern and the quilt pattern find was a real treasure. I love quilts and I am trying to do one using redwork, but alas, I'll probably never finish don't have patience enough to sit and cut out the little blocks for a pieced quilt, tried one time and had to give up.
    I check you whole block out and just love it. I will be back.

  6. I'm sure the person who cut these out and planned these quilts is thrilled that someone is appreciating them and will put them to good use!

  7. That spoon doll pattern is charming and I enjoyed viewing the pretty fabric. I wish I had the talent for quilting!! Take care~

  8. What a great find! I love coming here for all your vintage inspiration and Sunbonnet Sue too.

  9. wow I wish I knew how to make such pretty quilting blocks as those!

  10. I remember those little spoon dolls. I think my mother had one on her baker's rack until it fell and my dog got a hold of it. No more doll :0(
    Look at all those squares/fabric! What a find. I can just imagine you doing a happy dance :0)

  11. What a find!
    Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday
    from Roberta Anne

  12. It is the best thing when you find
    things you love while shopping.
    Great price, great fabrics!

  13. Dancing over he quilt blocks and your lovely find! Very nice.

  14. What a nice post, you have yourself quite a find there.

  15. I feel bad for whoever cut out all of those quilt pieces because she never got to finish them but wow, did you score! I'm glad they all went to someone like you, CC, who knows what a treasure they are.

  16. What wonderful finds!--I could so relate to your "Happy dance".
    Lovely vintage fabric too!
    And what you said about not enough hours in the day and having so many projects that you would like to do--I feel exactly the same way!
    Enjoyed your post!
    Have a wonderful week and Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  17. I love vintage quilts, I have one now I need to quilt for a client-they have such history & charm, thanks for sharing some of yours.

  18. What a great find! I love the dishrag dollies book - just great!

  19. Hi CC!

    Thank you for the visit!
    Happy pink Saturday to you too!!

    I love that vintage pretty!



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