Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chicken Scratch & Potholders .... Vintage Things Thursday

It's time again for Vintage Things Thursday. I always enjoy the time spent on Thursdays, looking at all the wonderful vintage things and collectable.
So, lets all skedaddle on over to
Coloradolady and see what everyone is showing today. I've seen some beautiful things and can't wait to see more...:)

We begin with a McCalls craft pattern that includes table runners, place mats, napkins..potholders,pillows, aprons and curtains.....all with gingham and gingham stitch/chicken scratch embroidery. I remember some of these things so well.. back in the day, it seems as though everything had a special touch, whether it be embroidery, crochet or tatting....It was a very good time.

This McCalls chicken scratch/gingham stitch pattern is dated 1962. I think my favorites on here are the teapot..and the coffeepot..

I love, love, love these patterns for potholders. I don't believe this pattern is really old..but wasn't able to find date on package.I thought these were just the cutest things ever..and an added bonus is..there is a Sunbonnet Sue Potholder. Yayyyy
I will hafta show ya'll when I get one done....hmmmm, the panties? with the lace may be my first try. Are these panties????? or pantaloons??? or just "long drawers"?? lol

This one is called Stitch-A-Check..and it's a great chicken scratch/gingham stitch pattern book. The copyright is 1961..and it's a really good one. The instructions and patterns are clear and easy to follow...I wish we could all slow down, grab a rocking chair, some embroidery floss..and rock all the problems away..:)

Chinese Wheel Embroidery Book. I believe this is one of the prettiest embroidery patterns ever..and the stitches are basic. Wthe diagrams, anyone can zoom away with the patterns here. This one has a copyright of 1981...It may squeak in as being vintage..

The back cover of the Wheel Embroidery pattern book. Are these not some of the most gorgeous patterns? Now if I could only add more hours to my days...

Last, but not least is the Nosy Dog pattern. I believe it's Patty that loves all doggie things. If so, Patty this pattern is for you..:)


  1. I remember those patterns well, 61 is the year I married and I spent many a night sitting in a rocker doing the chicken scratch on a red
    gingham skirt. I still have that top pattern somewhere. Thanks for the memories. I had forgotten these patterns.

  2. I had forgotten all about these pattern styles. Always loved them on gingham, so.
    You just don't see much of this anymore. Neat post!!

  3. I love your vintage patterns..i've never heard of the term 'chicken scratch' but it's really appropriate..we just called them gingham cross stitch :)

  4. You're really tempting me-I have some 1960s gingham and this looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing-I also love the potholders!

  5. Very nice patterns, I love the doggie too!

  6. Seriously, I have never seen anything I want to make more than that dog....It looks like my two dachshunds. Thank you so much for posting that. I am going to try..try..try to make this! I love it! Love it!

    All your patterns were really impressive today, some of them very unusual to me....but that dog...Oh my!! love it!!

  7. If only we could all add more hours to our day... Why don't pattern companies put dates on their patterns? I have lots of vintage patterns but no way to tell how old they are. For some reason, I am drawn to that bee pot holder. =)

  8. I remember those patterns...and I always loved gingham! I think lol that those there panties could be called "britches"! Looks like you have alot of great stichin patterns! Happy VTT and happy stichin day!

  9. I feel gingham(y) all over. I enjoy
    looking at the the older patterns,
    and it is fun to look back!

  10. My mom has a chicken scratch pillow! Thanks for sharing, the gingham dress pattern is awesome.

  11. CC, It appears there are three of us., I just posted on someone else's the other day "thinking" I was talking to you. So funny... ;) Well, I adore this post, I can remember about 20 years plus when I was crossstitching for the first time using Gingham. Haven't done it in many many years...I still have a huge craft closet with all my seamstress items, hoping I'll get back into it. ;) Sweet post, and thanks for stopping by my place often to leave such sweet and kind comments! Happy Friday to the "right" CC~ ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

  12. Oh boy did they love gingham but does it ever really go out of style?
    Cute stuff! Wush I had more space.......

  13. I have a couple of chicken scratch aprons that I love. These patterns are great!

    I've got the rocker, the needle, the floss - I'll slow down with you any day. Stitching keeps me sane.

  14. I never knew what the stitchery was called and now I do. I love chicken scratch. That seems to be the one that just draws me in. Love the one with the coffee pot :0)

  15. Such inspiration! I think I am going to have to try that chicken scratch one of these days! How delightful. Thank you for sharing!

  16. I love gingham! Thanks for sharing these!

  17. How funny to see my name mentioned in your post! I do love dogs so of course I love this pattern. Thanks so much for posting it! I haven't done any chicken scratch in months and have been meaning to try it again. I will do the Nosy Doggie. Didn't you post a poodle too?

  18. Yes, I did post a poodle awhile back. He's a cutie also.. I haven't had time to do any chicken scratch either..but I sure love the patterns.


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