Friday, January 2, 2009

Look, Look What I Won ..... QQ (Eyes Looking :) ) .... Pink Saturday

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy....It's Pink Saturday and you gotta see what I got in the mail yesterday. It was fantastic and wonderful..but I'm jumping too far ahead...first things first..and that first thing would be our perfectly wonderful hostess Beverly over at How sweet the sound. So !!!!!, everyone, lets begin first by thanking Beverly for hosting us all, and then to invite everyone to join in the fun. Skip on over to Beverly to see all the other participants and to join us to show off your pinks. Come on..join us, it's such great fun...there's so many beautiful pinks out there...

For my Pink Saturday,I happily show what I was so lucky to win at Jan and Tom's Place. I was so excited when Jan told me to come look who won...and truth to tell, I was doing a happy dance, and who can blame me?????. Jan had given away the sweetest littl tin...., filled with sweet rose soaps...

Well,yesterday the package arrived. I gently opened the package..uummmm, well, ok..I tore the thing open,(or tried) and let me tell you, Jan had packaged it so as not to tear apart during shipping. :). I however, was not to be deterred. I gave up on the tape, and off I went in search of scissors. Finding them..(yayyyyyyyyyy), I finally got little package opened and went oh my gosh, how cool.For in little package was more than the tin..

There was this wonderful card, and a note fron Jan..don't you just love this note card??????
Next, was little tin, containing the sweetest rose soaps. You can't believe how good they smell, and I was instantly reminded of my grandmother..she always had the prettiest little sweet smelling soaps..and sachets. The dresser and chest drawers holding her hankies and her linens always smelled so good..

Aren't the little soaps pretty..and the tin is just beautiful.

The next surprize was..these little Christmas ornaments. They're tiny bears on rocking horses..and they're just the cutest. I know just where they will hang next Christmas....

The next surprize was this lovely tea... It's called Tea of Life and I can't wait to try it. I have a teacup with a tiny rose that will be just perfect...
Thank you Jan and Tom, for hosting this lovely give away. I love everything, and how sweet you are to tuck in extra special prezzies for me. big smiles...and hugs coming your way....
Happy Pink Saturday everyone..don't forget to skip on over to Beverly to join in the fun... and thank you again Jan and Tom..


  1. Happy Pink Saturday CC. Wow, the pink roses are so beautiful and cute. I love the card too.

  2. Wow...what a wonderful day at the mailbox for you! Congrats!!
    That is a very cute note card!!

  3. Congratulations on winning! It is always fun to win something! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. How nice for you! Those are lovely things. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Day.

  5. My first pink Saturday... Happy Pink Saturday!

    Wonderful winnings!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. Happy Pink Saturday.

    Congratulations on your win of such pretty goodies. Enjoy!

  8. You lucky Girl, No matter how old we are we still love the excitement of opening a gift,

  9. Lucky, lucky girl--to win that sweet prize. And double lucky that it had wonderful PINKS!!!

    I love those little soaps, too.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my 100th post--you are officially in my giveaway drawing!!!

    Happy PSat! Dana

  10. Oh CC
    I'm so glad you won. Isn't it wonderful getting lovely surprises in the mail?? I did too on New Year's Eve and it just made me do a happy dance also.
    I can't wait for my 100 post to give something away. I'm already getting ready for it...Look out.
    Claudie from Canada

  11. I am happy for you! What a delightful addition to the day :) I bet your cheeks are pink with joy!

  12. wow, lucky lucky you, CC! How nice to get presents! And how nice of you to share them with us on Pink Saturday.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'll check out your blog! Have a wonderful pink Saturday and a great 2009.

  13. Congrats!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  14. Hi!
    Congrats on winning! The Pinks are beautiful! I really like those little bears! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope you had a wonderful Pink Saturday. Congrats on winning that adorable tin filled with the rose soaps! LUCKY YOU!!!
    Have a fun weekend and hope to see you next Saturday in Pink again!

  16. Congratulations on receiving this wonderful gift. And thank you for sharing it with us. I just wish you could have included the fragrance. Wouldn't smell-a-vision be nice?

  17. What wonderful treats to get int he mail. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. What wonderful Pinks! Happy Pink late Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  19. Hi CC...I'm so glad you enjoyed your winnings...and thanks for posting about it!!!

    Enjoy your soaps, ornaments and TEA...sounds like a pretty Teacup you'll be having it in.


  20. Thanks for visiting earlier. This is my first time to visit your blog and I like it very much. Very sweet soaps and the card is cool. Susan at Sweetpea Sue's Cottage.

  21. Lucky you! That's a wonderful giveaway! I love those little pink soaps!
    Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

  22. Hi CC, I love the rose soaps and congrats for winning the draw. Jan always does something special in her give-a-ways. So sweet and I am sure you will enjoy the tea. Lucky you.

    We were out of town so my visit is late. I am trying hrd to catch up today.

    Have a great Sunday.


  23. What a great prize. I love the tin with pin rose soaps. And of course, the tea. pink hugs, Ellen

  24. Wow Congrats to you. What a nice tn and pretty soaps. :)EllenL

  25. ooo you are a lucky duck! those little soaps and ornaments are really cute!

  26. Happy Pink Saturday...on Sunday:)

    Thanks for stopping by CC!


  27. Congratulations on winning. Lucky you. Thank you for stopping by

  28. Congratulations on winnine! And happy belated pink Saturday.

  29. Aren't YOU the lucky one??!! What a wonderful giveaway.

    Happy (belated) Pink Saturday!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by!

  30. How fun! I love getting packages :)

  31. Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me celebrate my very first Pink Saturday.

    I love your little gifts! Isn't it wonderful to receive more than you expected?

    Hope you'll drop back by and join in for Wordless Wednesday!

    Happy New Year! Dixie

  32. The pink roses are so pretty and charming. Congrats. on your win and a Happy belated Pink Saturday and a Happy New Year. ~ Lynn

  33. Tea and Roses - my kind of gift! hee hee, congrats on winning and Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

  34. Hi CC! Thanks for stopping by my first pink saturday post.

    Congrats on your pink win! How fun.


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